hack down

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hack something down

to chop something down. Who hacked this cherry tree down? Who hacked down this cherry tree?
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But the weather didn't deter 150 passengers from across Southern California from climbing aboard for the short ride to the Santa Paula Christmas Tree Farm to find the perfect pine to hack down and drag home.
A boozed up Mancunian student-hater, his foul-mouthed sex-mad sister, a hapless radio hack down on his luck and a dreadful club crooner from Portugal.
The AI is also slightly suspect, though not quite as bad as the days when they queued up waiting for you to hack down their mates before having a go themselves.
Firefighters had to hack down branches to reach the man, who lives in Wolvecote, Oxfordshire, and was trapped for at least an hour and a half.
He used a chain-saw to hack down the tree after a dare by drunken friends.
Changes to European Union rules on agricultural subsidy claims are forcing farmers to hack down hedgerows, seriously threatening birds, butterflies and wild flowers, officials with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust claim.
Barnet were reduced to 10 men when goalkeeper Shane Gore was sent off after rushing out to hack down Carlton, but for all their late invention, Morecambe could not find a winner.
Each year, at Christmas, all the liveries hack down to the local pub, the Cholmondeley Arms, and the owners enjoy a snack lunch and a toddy.
How soon before the 49ers hack down a rain forest to find ``Survivor'' competitor Gary Hogeboom as a backup to Jesse ``The Bachelor'' Palmer on this reality-show roster of has-beens?
The machine has a large rotating flail to hack down vegetation that has overgrown a minefield.