hack down

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hack something down

to chop something down. Who hacked this cherry tree down? Who hacked down this cherry tree?
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Barnet were reduced to 10 men when goalkeeper Shane Gore was sent off after rushing out to hack down Carlton, but for all their late invention, Morecambe could not find a winner.
Each year, at Christmas, all the liveries hack down to the local pub, the Cholmondeley Arms, and the owners enjoy a snack lunch and a toddy.
He used a chain-saw to hack down the tree after a dare by drunken friends.
It's more than brawn to hack down trees really quick.
Changes to European Union rules on agricultural subsidy claims are forcing farmers to hack down hedgerows, seriously threatening birds, butterflies and wild flowers, officials with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust claim.
More than a tragically impaired sense of moral perception is implied here as I watch the local householder hack down the holly tree in his backyard.
Firefighters had to hack down branches to reach the man, who lives in Wolvecote, Oxfordshire, and was trapped for at least an hour and a half.