habituate to

habituate someone to someone or something

to accustom someone to someone or something. Soon she will habituate the baby to the new feeding schedule. The office staff worked hard to habituate the new employee to the schedule.
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Let the entire POSCO Family habituate to safety as the first step in realizing `POSCO the Great.
In an extraordinary conservation collaboration between Rwanda and the DRC, the gorillas were moved as infants to Rwanda to help a lone mountain gorilla habituate to other gorillas.
2001), flatworms (Koopowitz, 1974), and mollusks (Bristol and Carew, 2005) have been shown to habituate to irrelevant stimuli.
It's unnatural, it's stressful, their muscles habituate to that routine and they become good at certain movements but not ones they used to be good at.
Repeated exposure to the testing environment is thought to allow the volunteer to habituate to the anomalies of that environment and thus yield results from the plateau of the learning curve that can be compared with results from future testing.
Fish and Wildlife Service's Chris Servheen: "I think grizzlies can habituate to anything, given enough time and exposure.
In other words, you get people motivated but if you don't provide some concrete and specific directions for behavior, they might habituate to the threat and go ahead and do it anyway.
Over time, with repeated exposure, people emotionally habituate to any type of distress-including guilt.