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habituate (someone) to (something)

To cause someone to become familiar with or used to something. Luckily, the kids' new friends have habituated them to the neighborhood.
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habituate someone to someone or something

to accustom someone to someone or something. Soon she will habituate the baby to the new feeding schedule. The office staff worked hard to habituate the new employee to the schedule.
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If the spiritual disciplines I have listed in triplets above are truly means of God's delectable grace, they will form habits instead of needing to be habit formed; they will habituate the Christian like the delightful taste of human food habituates the fox.
Cabinet Division joint secretary Ishtiaque Ahmad, however, quoted the Government Employees Code of Conduct that stipulated that "a government employee must not habituate in any kind of speculative (Fatka) business which may cause huge loss due to price volatility".
Stosur, who has been given the time to get clay courts out of her system in her effort to habituate herself to grass with an earlier-than-expected defeat at the French Open, said that she is enjoying playing on grass and admitted that she should have done that a long time ago.
Washington, Sept 15 ( ANI ): Foetuses exposed to heavy binge drinking by their mums while still in the womb require significantly more trials to habituate and also exhibit a greater variability in test performance, a new study has revealed.
In contrast, individuals with an inhibited temperament failed to habituate across repeated presentations of faces, meaning familiar faces triggered the same brain response as the unfamiliar.
In a second session, the foetus "remembers" the stimulus and the number of stimuli needed for the foetus to habituate is then much smaller.
"The failure of bariatric surgery candidates to habituate suggests that satiation, or the feeling of fullness while eating, is impaired in this population.
The speed at which this decrease occurs indicates an individual's level of psychological resilience -- the faster that someone habituates to a stressful noise, the higher their resilience.
In his view, the mind habituates itself, unwittingly, over a long period of time, to be unhappy.
Human food and trash "habituates them to people and increases the chance of conflict.