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habituate someone to someone or something

to accustom someone to someone or something. Soon she will habituate the baby to the new feeding schedule. The office staff worked hard to habituate the new employee to the schedule.
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Previous research has shown that the normal human fetus habituates, but habituation rates are altered if the fetus is exposed to reduced oxygen levels, maternal smoking, maternal sedatives, and impaired fetal growth," he added.
This failure to habituate provides a novel neural mechanism for understanding the shy and cautious behavior that is characteristic of inhibited individuals," said Jennifer Urbano Blackford, Ph.
The regulation made it unlawful to intentionally "lay or place food, fruit, hay, grain, chemical, salt or other minerals that may cause bears to congregate or habituate an area.
Over time, with repeated exposure, people emotionally habituate to any type of distress-including guilt.
In a second session, the foetus "remembers" the stimulus and the number of stimuli needed for the foetus to habituate is then much smaller.
The failure of bariatric surgery candidates to habituate suggests that satiation, or the feeling of fullness while eating, is impaired in this population.
Early timings, as is practiced in Bahrain, is good as it habituates children to wake up early every day, thereby giving them enough time for themselves and to foster their innate talents.
One clear example today is how the Internet not only provides resources for more information, but habituates persons to interactive communication.
Through interviews with both real and imagined women, the book explores a number of societies, showing how in each one, starting in childhood, the woman habituates the glass corridors through which she must learn to move.
wig, gown and fall apart, bears scant resemblance to the Scottish Silk, dour or douce, who normally habituates the ringing stone passages and panelled justice halls of Edinburgh's High Court of Justiciary.
Dumping Bait in the Woods Habituates Bears to Humans and Grows Their Population