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gym bunny

Someone who is obsessively preoccupied with maintaining or improving their physique and thus spends a large amount of time at the gym to do so. After recovering from his surgery, John spent a lot of time at the gym getting his body back into shape. Now he's turned into a total gym bunny.
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gym shoe

n. a disliked person. Who is the gym shoe who comes to class in a sport coat?
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We want to attract a whole new group of local people to The Gym - for example, those on low incomes, students, retired people and shift workers as well as those who simply value the 24-hour opening and flexible membership terms.
It added: "The flexible format operated by Pure Gym, including its 24-hour opening and the absence of fixed-term contracts, will support flexible working practices, enabling the benefits of gym membership to be enjoyed by all members of the local community.
Although, teams that control a gym will be able to boost their motivation using in-game items.
Gym and health clubs market in Europe: The gym and health clubs market in Europe is led primarily by the rise in the demand for cardiovascular fitness equipment by obese people.
Videos of Gym Exercise- You can upload Gym fitness or promotional videos to retain and attract your customer.
Some felt uncomfortable having to exercise with scarves in mixed-sex gyms.
5m JD Gym at Belgrade Plaza, which has brought 22 jobs to Coventry
Technology and entertainment are also central components of gym equipment selection, with many of today's cardiovascular machines equipped with smart screens which create virtual scenes for runners (such as running on the streets of Paris) or allowing cyclers to connect with and race each other within the gym.
The work going on in fitness facilities up and down the country is inspirational and every gym which has made the shortlist should be very proud of their achievement.
After the acquisition, the total number of clubs owned by Gold's Gym will reach 146.
Before I joined this gym, I used to feel very depressed and worried as I knew that I was HIV positive, but after joining this gym I forgot that I am HIV positive.
But the new rights will allow contracts to be cancelled if members can no longer physically get to the gym or if they can no longer afford to pay.
PLANS for a 24-hour gym in the heart of a quiet residential area would be unsafe for women and a nuisance for residents, protesters claim.
But a growing number of homeowners are making the most of premium living space by installing gym equipment in their own home.