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guzzle something down

to drink something rapidly and eagerly. He guzzled the beer down and called for another. He guzzled down the beer and called for another.
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1. tv. & in. to drink alcohol in great quantities. (Very old.) Stop guzzling for a while and pay attention.
2. n. a drinking spree. Fred’s out on another of his guzzles.


1. mod. arrested. (Underworld.) Rocko got himself guzzled on a speeding rap.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Todd was too guzzled to drive home.
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n. a drunkard; a heavy drinker. Old guzzle-guts here would like another drink.
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IRISH actor Pierce Brosnan has been attacked for turning up at an environmental awards ceremony - in a gas guzzling limo.
And what a colorful rostrum of characters: Soapy Smith, Ham Grease Jimmy, Popcorn Kate, Big Bo Peep, Gum Boots Kitty and Guzzling Gertie, among many others.
And we also can't move forward with any energy plan under notions that America's energy guzzling lifestyles are "non-negotiable.
I was not one bit surprised that we made it into the Guinness Book of Records for guzzling the most booze in the world.
They began guzzling down local beer kept in casks,'' said elephant expert Kushal Konwar Sharma.
The herd of 15 elephants burst into the village of Prajapatibosti in northeastern Assam and broke into the thatched huts with their trunks and then began guzzling down local rice beer kept in casks," said elephant expert Mr Kushal Konwar Sharma.
With the average American teen guzzling some 75 gallons of soda a year, surely there's room for more variety.
They even ended up guzzling champagne and tequila shooters with some of the locals.
At the same time that a corner of Times Square goes green, governments are cutting back energy funding, and consumers are backsliding into their pre-energy crisis gas guzzling.
And they were still guzzling bubbly at breakfast time.
Records include guzzling fizzy water, speed blinking at a naked life model and swimming while voicing the Jaws theme tune.
While the rest of the UK is guzzling more wine than they were five years ago, a new survey has found we prefer our national drink.
He sends them out and then opens the pile of rejection letters at once, guzzling a 12- pack to ease the pain.