guzzle down

guzzle something down

to drink something rapidly and eagerly. He guzzled the beer down and called for another. He guzzled down the beer and called for another.
See also: down, guzzle
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26.In-store cocktail "shopping events" where you can guzzle down champagne and wolf down a tray of canapes without having to buy anything.
Guzzle down after exercise or stack some in a small cooler box for hiking.
If you want to adopt a fitter lifestyle, lose weight or gain muscle, then eat more veggies, guzzle down more water, actually hit the gym, take the stairs instead of the elevator and go to bed early instead of being an owl all night, binge-watching Netflix like there's no tomorrow.
( Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque 2007: If the floral painting on the body isn't enough to get the party started, then the floral aromas and exquisite bubbles that guests will surely guzzle down is more than enough reason for this easy-to-drink, soft-pressed Chardonnay cuvAaAaAeA@e to get a sp at the house party bar.
Then add fruit juice or syrup and guzzle down your delicious dairy-free dessert.
Instead of invading our living rooms and bombarding us with contrived reasons to guzzle down cola, they made the smart choice and gave Pakistanis what they were looking for all along: quality entertainment And they did so without the overbearing product placement and commercial values that audiences have since grown to resent.
It's amazing how many canapes you can gobble up, non-alcoholic cocktails you can guzzle down and conversations about new fashion and beauty products you can gossip about in a lunch hour.
IIV IV KEEP an eye on all those fruit juices and fizzy drinks you guzzle down in the heat; there isn't anything wrong with a glass of water, and you'll be surprised how many calories you can save.
Unlike the lentil soup I try to guzzle down daily, these were black lentils, cooked overnight to velvety perfection and served with tomatoes, cream and clarified butter.
London, January 31 (ANI): A British binge drinker, who used to guzzle down seven litres of cider and three bottles of wine a day, has confessed she is just a drink away from landing in the grave.
OVER the next four days at the Cheltenham Festival 24 of the best National Hunt races will be watched by 230,000-plus spectators who will guzzle down 20,000 bottles of champagne and 225,000 pints of Guiness while the bookmakers expect pounds 500million to be wagered.
In north-east India elephants have developed a taste for rice beer, which they guzzle down and then go on a rampage.
Hell, I've even been known to guzzle down a quick Hollyoaks or Family Affairs, too, when I'm feeling peckish, and that's not counting the weekend omnibus blow-out.
And most punters will also be eager to guzzle down any even-money quotes about United for tomorrow's trip to Fulham, a team they beat unconvincingly by the odd goal in five at Old Trafford on the opening day of their campaign when the Stretford Enders were still singing their ditty about Jaap Stam being a big Dutchman in blissful ignorance of his imminent move to Italy.