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guzzle something down

to drink something rapidly and eagerly. He guzzled the beer down and called for another. He guzzled down the beer and called for another.
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1. tv. & in. to drink alcohol in great quantities. (Very old.) Stop guzzling for a while and pay attention.
2. n. a drinking spree. Fred’s out on another of his guzzles.


1. mod. arrested. (Underworld.) Rocko got himself guzzled on a speeding rap.
2. mod. alcohol intoxicated. Todd was too guzzled to drive home.
See also: guzzle


n. a drunkard; a heavy drinker. Old guzzle-guts here would like another drink.
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Correctly answer this question for a chance to win: Which of the following are two of the flavours found in packs of Guzzle Puzzle?
Although some SUVs, like the Acura MDX, which gets 23 miles per gallon on the freeway, have improved their emissions standards to match the standards of new sedans, others continue to guzzle.
It's still less than the continent, at 202 litres per head, and the US where they guzzle 400 litres each.
Lawns guzzle water without conscience as compared to many water-thrifty perennials and ground covers that will fill the space occupied by a lawn just fine.
2 --4) Performers Tower, left, and Runt guzzle water to keep cool at the Medieval Fantasy Festival in Northridge, where the temperature shot up to 104 degrees Sunday.
Kids who guzzle cola sleep less and can't stay awake in class, a study of 200 pupils by Ohio State University found.
A study of milk prices in major cities around the nation shows that Southern Californians are paying about a penny more than they did six months ago for every gallon of milk they guzzle.