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The TRO blocks the three executives from directly or indirectly soliciting Guy Carpenter employees or clients they have had contact with over the past two years and prohibits them from selling reinsurance products or services like those offered by Guy Carpenter.
Here are the details of Guy Carpenter's post-JLT acquisition leadership appointments:
Serving White Watch Manager Dave Bradshaw and his team welcomed Guy and thanked him for his 25 years of service.
Warwick Castle flew the flag of legendary knight Guy of Warwick.
With over 35 years of experience to draw from, Handy Guy delivers professional handyman services at affordable prices - and with a gentleman's ethic - every time.
The guy looked at the road and saw a curve approaching.
Guy travelled the world to participate in extreme sports but he lost his life when he strayed into a treacherous part of the mountains near the Spanish town of Organya.
As a guy, I always find it weird when any girl likes a guy.
Increased safety fears, the Americanisation of Halloween, and a more affluent society are all possible reasons for the demise of the good, bad and downright ugly Guy Fawkes effigies.
But the move is sure to enrage Madonna, 50, as Guy's pounds 2.5million London pub The Punchbowl was said to be a factor in their split.
The former location chef, who cooked for A-listers on film sets for 20 years, has just celebrated one year at his hugely-popular Guy's Restaurant.
Consider the vertical segment of the guyed mast between two consecutive groups of cables supported laterally by a single guy and loaded with two concentrated forces [F.sub.1] and [F.sub.2] at the anchoring nodes of each secondary guy (Fig 2, b).
Good Guy Guarantees are often referred to by the misnomer "good guy clauses"--a misnomer because the operative provision is not a clause in the lease but, rather, a separate guaranty of the lease, which often is not even mentioned in the lease even though they are executed simultaneously.
Norm Cowie's debut novel, The Adventures Of Guy: Written By A Guy (Probably), is the creative and hilarious story of Guy and his roommates Thurman and Knob (as well as Amazon), who in their quest to save Guy's little brother from his evil captors think they will find great worth in the mind of a small boy.