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GUSSY UP THE EASTER TABLE: To brighten and decorate your holiday table, order a set of a dozen brilliantly colored porcelain eggs.
To gussy up the cake, whip up an easy chocolate glaze in the microwave.
Pat's mood and gussy up dessert, cookie and candy plates - or just fill the candy jar with them.
Just as you might dress up a basic black dress with a strand of pearls, you can gussy up a garden with a few accessories.
Shoes can gussy up a drab dress, identify one's social status, lift the spirits and - with a tall enough heel - create a taller and leaner body.
You can also add things like Green Tangy Avocado Salsa, Smoky Sicilian Salsa or Red Sweet Pepper Relish to gussy up grilled chicken and steaks.
Gussy up the cookies immediately after frosting with assorted candies (such as M&Ms, Red Hots, jellied hearts).
To gussy up the baked casserole, sprinkle the top lightly with cinnamon or cinnamon-sugar.
Cooked in the slow cooker, you end up with a lot of delicious, apricot-colored sauce to gussy up the chicken breasts.
Keep sweetened whipped cream in a pressurized container in the fridge to gussy up even the plainest fruit finale on the spur of the moment.