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get (all) gussied up

To dress oneself especially fancifully or attractively, often in a showy, garish, or tawdry manner. You sure got all gussied up for the occasion! A tuxedo and everything! Samantha always gets gussied up in such outlandish outfits whenever we throw a party.
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gussied up

Dressed or decorated fancifully or attractively, especially in a showy, garish, or tawdry manner. You sure got gussied up for the occasion! A tuxedo and everything! Samantha's always going around town all gussied up in those tacky dresses and cheap makeup.
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gussy up

To dress or decorate someone, something, or oneself in order to create a fancier or more attractive appearance. A noun, pronoun, or reflexive pronoun can be used between "gussy" and "up." Why are you all gussied up? Is your boyfriend coming to visit today? I need to gussy myself up for the big gala event tonight. This room is so plain. How can we gussy it up for the party tonight?
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gussied up

Rur. dressed up fancy. All the girls got gussied up for the dance, but the guys wore their regular clothes. Mary really got gussied up. She even curled her hair.
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gussy someone or something up

Rur. to dress someone or something up; to make someone or something fancy. She gussied the kids up for the wedding. See if you can gussy up this room a little before folks get here.
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gussied up

Also, all gussied up. Dressed up, as in Dana loves to get all gussied up and go to a fine restaurant. The origin of this expression is not clear, though possibly it relates to the earlier use of the noun gussie (derived from a proper name) for an effeminate man. [Slang; mid-1900s]
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gussy up

v. Slang
1. To dress someone in special or fancy clothes. Used chiefly in the passive or with a reflexive: We were gussied up in ball gowns. I gussied myself up for the party.
2. To add embellishing details to something in order to make it more attractive: The chef gussied up the meat loaf with a truffle sauce. The decorators gussied the room up for the ceremony.
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gussied up

mod. dressed up in one’s best clothing. (Folksy.) I like to get gussied up and go out on the town.
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gussied up, to get (all)

To be dressed or to dress in one’s best clothes. This Americanism from the first half of the twentieth century is of uncertain origin. One theory is that it comes from gusset, a triangular piece of material put into a garment so that it fits better; this word in turn comes from the French gousset and dates from the Middle Ages, when such pieces were put into mail armor so that the knight it enclosed could move better. Because gussets might be considered a bit of fancy dressmaking, the theory holds, one’s best clothes would have more of them than everyday attire.
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This summer, Disney will offer not one but two remakes of classic animated films from its catalogue -- each gussied up with new stars, new songs and the latest filmmaking technology.
For many tourists, Iloilo City is synonymous to good eats: piping hot batchoy, grilled managat (mangrove jack), and oysters on the half shell or gussied up with butter and garlic.
Because the iconic Lark Lane eatery is being gussied up with a new "lick of paint" - the first it's had in many years.
I actually can't wait to see Marty Morrissey all gussied up in a sequinned jumpsuit.
See, for example, The Nazis, 1998, an enormous grid, each of whose modules contains the image of an actor gussied up in National Socialist garb.
This isn't a gussied up special for youngsters who want the looks but can't afford the insurance.
He said: "She was in the pool on one of those inflatable armchairs, all gussied up in hat, scarf and sunglasses.
No matter what, gussied up toast can be a great indulgence.
By "active" I'm referring to the fact that a record number of booths in Chicago next month will be gussied up to meet a massive amount of attendees who will be there with a specific purpose: sound, thoughtful investment for the future.
Other camps were routine facilities gussied up with faux-Indian tribal motifs.
There are gussied up recipes for such Mississippi traditional foods as biscuits and greens.
Cardinal Muller then flatly identifies "Conscious Evolution" for what it is: a gussied up New Age form of the ancient, perennial heresy of Gnosticism: "Conscious Evolution does not offer anything which will nourish religious life ...
A playful riff on Hitchcock's To Catch A Thief, gussied up with split-screen gimmickry.
"Call it 'creation science' or 'intelligent design' if you like, but it's still the same old fundamentalist Christian doctrine gussied up as science to try to slip it into biology classrooms."
Looking through old mugshots and crime scenes, Bennett and his partners Felix Chan and Arran Russell were impressed by how gussied up the guys looked.