gush over (someone or something)

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gush over (someone or something)

1. To rush or flow over someone or something in an uncontrolled manner. The water from the fire hydrant gushed over the street, making it impossible to pass.
2. To speak about someone or something with great energy and enthusiasm. Charlie must really like you—he gushes over you every chance he gets. Gina's editor keeps gushing over her brilliant manuscript.
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gush over someone or something

1. Lit. [for liquid] to flood over someone or something. The floodwaters gushed over the farmland. The hot soup gushed over the cook as the huge pot tipped over.
2. Fig. [for someone] to heap praise, flattery, and compliments on someone or something. Aunt Mattie always gushed over us children so much that we dreaded her coming. All the guests gushed over my beet salad.
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gush over

To speak or write about something or someone with wild enthusiasm: They returned from the new store and gushed over the great shoes they had bought.
See also: gush, over
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Most netizens were left open-mouthed as they gushed over Dhoni's chivalry as he did not mind helping his wife put on her stilettos in public.
Water gushed over the road and the adjacent black car for over an hour.
I gushed over its renovation in 2000 and three years later gushed some more as Joe Petrou put the finishing touches on his 6,000-square-foot restaurant.