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A very large foot or shoe. Typically used in the plural. I bet that store doesn't have shoes big enough for your gunboats!

gunboat diplomacy

Diplomacy that uses the threat of military action as a way to ensure the desired outcome. If that country's president continues to defy the terms of the treaty, we'll have to resort to gunboat diplomacy.
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and battleships
n. big feet; big shoes. Get those battleships off my sofa! Hasn’t he got the biggest gunboats you ever saw?
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The post Greek gunboat on patrol nudged by Turkish cargo vessel appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The US Navy said the gunboats have gotten testier in recent months, but that most encounters with Iranian vessels progress in a normal and professional manner.
The success of this battle encouraged Secretary Mallory to contract two more armored gunboats to be named the Tennessee and the Arkansas.
After discussing the role of the gunboat in British foreign policy, naval historians Preston (founding editor of the Warship annual) and Major (U.
Hearts captain Steven Pressley threatens a new way of dealing with Vladimir Romanov's intrusion, involving gunboats. Cool.
An earlier HMS Wasp had burned and a previous gunboat of the same name had sunk with only six of her 58 crew saved.
With a top speed of44knots and a crew of 14, the gunboat was armed with a 6lb gun, 20mm cannon, machine guns and depth charges.
The Israeli gunboat was rocketing this road with shells, shooting at every car it saw.
Born in Tsuruoka domain, later Yamagata prefecture (1866); graduated from the Naval Academy in 1887; during the Sino-Japanese War, he served as navigator aboard the gunboat Akagi at the battle of the Yalu and was wounded (September 17, 1894); worked ably under navy chief Gonnohyoe Yamamoto in the Naval Affairs Department of the Navy Ministry (1896-1897); sent to the U.S.
NNA - A gunboat belonging to the Israeli enemy violated on Monday at 6.40 am, the Lebanese territorial waters off Ras Naqoura, and infiltrated some 110 meters into the sea tossing a sonic bomb into the regional waters, a communique by the Lebanese army indicated.
According to daily Politis, the incident occurred last Thursday when the 'Odin Finder' was intercepted by a Turkish gunboat. The survey vessel was in the area measuring water depths as preparatory work for the laying of fibre-optic cables.
MANILA -- The Philippine Navy deployed a gunboat and a surveillance plane to a World Heritage-listed marine sanctuary after a suspected Vietnamese fishing vessel was seen there, authorities said Monday.
HOSTAGE Capt Phillips FORCE German gunboat captures pirates last month FORCE German gunboat captures pirates last month
Notable events in her wartime career included firing three torpedoes at a dead whale while on patrol in the Gulf of Lyon on May 30, 1943, sinking an Italian patrol vessel with gunfire off Bastia, Italy and in February, 1944, torpedoing a Japanese gunboat off Burma.
At least six Tamil Tiger rebels were killed and eight Sri Lankan Navy personnel went missing Saturday when rebels blew up their trawler and sank a naval gunboat that approached the vessel for inspection.