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gunboat diplomacy

Diplomacy that uses the threat of military action as a way to ensure the desired outcome. If that country's president continues to defy the terms of the treaty, we'll have to resort to gunboat diplomacy.
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and battleships
n. big feet; big shoes. Get those battleships off my sofa! Hasn’t he got the biggest gunboats you ever saw?
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At about five in the morning and under 160 kilometers from Gaza, well within international waters, two Israeli gunboats appeared shining powerful searchlights.
Aboard the gunboat, we were shepherded into the galley, and we sat down on the floor with our backs to a wall.
Then on 30 April 1915 disaster; endangered by an unaccountable loss of diving trim and under gunfire from the Turkish gunboat Sultan Hissar the AE2 was scuttled, the crew of 32 being rescued by the Turks.
Ambulances were heard racing to the scene of the gunboat attack, just north of Gaza City.
Gunboat Regatta, incidentally, looks a name to remember long-term, having shaped really well on her first outing since season.
military advisors already among the war dead and television accounts of helicopter gunboat attacks on jungle guerrillas beaming into U.
Puerto Rico is a political anachronism, a throwback to the days of gunboat diplomacy and the handlebar mustache.
In the first, a single Iranian gunboat crossed in front of the USS Stout, also a guided missile destroyer, three times at high speed, forcing the Stout to change course to avoid a collision.
Contract award: payment for annual maintenance of ships the navy - missile gunboat.
The persistent and indiscriminate killing of civilians, including non-combatant women and children, was summed up by the shocking incident on Wednesday when an Israeli gunboat fired several shells at children under 15 playing football on Gaza beach, killing four and leaving another critically injured.
By the first of July, the menacing iron-over-oak gunboat, soon to be called "the monster" by Union naval personnel, was coming together.
According to daily Politis, the incident occurred last Thursday when the 'Odin Finder' was intercepted by a Turkish gunboat.
MANILA -- The Philippine Navy deployed a gunboat and a surveillance plane to a World Heritage-listed marine sanctuary after a suspected Vietnamese fishing vessel was seen there, authorities said Monday.
A Civil War Gunboat in Pacific Waters: Life on Board USS Saginaw is the dramatic true story of the civil war gunboat the USS Saginaw, and her crew.