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gulp for air

Fig. to eagerly or desperately try to get air or a breath. Tom gulped for air after trying to hold his breath for three minutes. Mary came up out of the water, gulping for air.
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gulp something back

Fig. to force or hold back tears, sobs, etc. He gulped his sobs back and clutched at his wound. He gulped back his sobs.
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gulp something down

to drink all of something, usually quickly. He gulped his coffee down and left. He gulped down his coffee.
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The Gulps love junk food and lots of it--but hate anything green.
Mind you, this hybrid SUV still gulps more petrol than the Prius.
He orders a beer, gulps it down, goes over to the window, jumps out.
At that moment, surface tension kicks in with a sudden ferocity: In a mere 200-trillionths of a second, the larger blob gulps down the smaller one.
This is not a story book, but a book of chapters to be read and then re read in bits and pieces and smidgens and gulps as the mood dictates.
So this is a challenge Music isn't always meant to be swallowed in big gulps.
Another possibility would simply be warning labels, stickers on the side of 7-11 Double Gulps that spell out the dangers of consuming a full 64 ounces of Coke.
In fact, dad gulps his mate's eggs to protect and incubate them, using heat from his mouth to help eggs develop.
the average person gulps down 363 bottles of Coke a year, a number that hasn't grown much over the last 10 years.