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gulp for air

Fig. to eagerly or desperately try to get air or a breath. Tom gulped for air after trying to hold his breath for three minutes. Mary came up out of the water, gulping for air.
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gulp something back

Fig. to force or hold back tears, sobs, etc. He gulped his sobs back and clutched at his wound. He gulped back his sobs.
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gulp something down

to drink all of something, usually quickly. He gulped his coffee down and left. He gulped down his coffee.
See also: down, gulp
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In the 2002 Boston Marathon, a 28 year-old died from gulping too many sports drinks on the five-hour run.
My heart's in Liverpool my heart is not here My heart's in Liverpool down the Grapes gulping beer Down the Grapes gulping beer and eating some chips And on top of that a couple of packets of crisps
A fat, bottom-feeding fish that spends most of its day gulping at the sky in hopes of catching falling crumbs.
Morgan Rusler, deliberately gulping certain lines to make them unintelligible, is a scream as grumpy Mr.
There's nothing he enjoys more than gulping beer, and now Homer Simpson can help the world gulp with him.
This rather delicate predator turns out to have a unique jaw structure for high-speed gulping, thus minimizing time in a risky ant nest, say Nate J.
Moreover, vibrant single-serve plastic packaging, a resealable cap, an easy fit into car cupholders and a wide-mouth bottle for gulping, all mark Nesquik's convenience.
Kobayashi, a six-time frankfurter-eating champion, will have to face a major challenge of gulping down fruitcakes when he tries to beat current record-holder Sonya Thomas, who devoured four pounds and 14.
Gulping for air," she writes of the moment Bill coughed about Monica.
Zavala, who had been home for the holidays, was a member of the Alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority at San Jose State where she had the nickname ``Chug a Bug'' for her habit of frequently gulping water from a bottle she always kept on hand, said Ann Tampol, the sorority's president.
To make it more difficult for volunteers to guess whether they were getting melatonin, they all took a placebo capsule a few hours before gulping down their assigned treatments.