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gulp for air

Fig. to eagerly or desperately try to get air or a breath. Tom gulped for air after trying to hold his breath for three minutes. Mary came up out of the water, gulping for air.
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gulp something back

Fig. to force or hold back tears, sobs, etc. He gulped his sobs back and clutched at his wound. He gulped back his sobs.
See also: back, gulp

gulp something down

to drink all of something, usually quickly. He gulped his coffee down and left. He gulped down his coffee.
See also: down, gulp
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Biology No biological information is available until this species is distinguished from the Japanese gulper shark.
Tenders are invited for All Inclusive Operation And Maintenance Of Gulper Suction Machine Unit With Vhicle For 24 Months.
Of 4000 Litter Capacity Gulper Suction Machine With Vehicle Chassis Suitable To Surat Rto Approved Chassis For Various Zones Along With Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance Of The Machine For 03 Years For Surat Municipal Corporation, Surat.
of 4000 Litter Capacity gulper Suction machine with vehicle chassis Suitable to Surat RTO Approved Classis for various Zones with Comprechensive Operation & Maintenance of the Machine for 03 Years for Surat Municipal Corporaton, Surat.
The contract includes the delivery of a turnkey sludge gulper, with specific building and accessories, for clearing sewer drains, cleaning of sumps, including user training and maintenance technicians.
The alternative world of Trianukka also has gulpers and merwraiths in the sea, and fierce terrodyls with corrosive blood, in the air.
1 animal exposed to antifreeze, are gulpers and do not take the time to taste things first," Dr.
Chickens, on the other hand, tend to be sippers rather than gulpers.
Shopaholics, chain smokers, and big gulpers were not his subjects.
Rivals have repositioned themselves in Russia in order to utilise excessive capacity and adapt to changes in regulation, analysts Gerard Rijk and Marco Gulpers said in a note.
All the boxes are ticked," Marco Gulpers, an analyst at ING in Amsterdam, said by phone.