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gulp for air

Fig. to eagerly or desperately try to get air or a breath. Tom gulped for air after trying to hold his breath for three minutes. Mary came up out of the water, gulping for air.
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gulp something back

Fig. to force or hold back tears, sobs, etc. He gulped his sobs back and clutched at his wound. He gulped back his sobs.
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gulp something down

to drink all of something, usually quickly. He gulped his coffee down and left. He gulped down his coffee.
See also: down, gulp
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4 : to say in a nervous way <"Oops," she gulped.
Daft Barney had gulped down so many stones and other items that he RATTLED.
If the cleaner fish gulped a prawn, though, the researchers snatched away the second plate.
One, reduced to looking like a skeleton with a hide draped over it, was so dehydrated it gulped down three gallons of water in one sitting when rescued.
After she gulped it down," the paper reported, "the foreign soldier pulled Helen .
chewed bubble gum, half a million people ate eggs; a million fish swam through soda, and more than a million people gulped big breaths before a race--and then they all farted at the same time.
After the Shakes are gulped down and the glasses are turned into trophies, 11-10-02's Scholarship Board will select which hard-working students will get the scholarships.
She loves this park,'' said Goldfeather as the children gulped fruit punch and waited to have a turn at a 4-foot-tall Dora the Explorer piata.