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gulp for air

Fig. to eagerly or desperately try to get air or a breath. Tom gulped for air after trying to hold his breath for three minutes. Mary came up out of the water, gulping for air.
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gulp something back

Fig. to force or hold back tears, sobs, etc. He gulped his sobs back and clutched at his wound. He gulped back his sobs.
See also: back, gulp

gulp something down

to drink all of something, usually quickly. He gulped his coffee down and left. He gulped down his coffee.
See also: down, gulp
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Researchers from the University of Bonn in Germany now think they simply gulped their food to get it into their stomachs as quickly as possible.
6 : in or into the stomach <They gulped down lunch.>
Kobayashi, who gulped down 63 hotdogs in 12 minutes in 2007, wants to be the winner of the fruitcake eating competition after he was runner up at Nathan's hot dog eating competition.
Sorry Billy, I don't wish to sound unromantic, but I'd have gulped my way through the whole pub.
Daft Barney had gulped down so many stones and other items that he RATTLED.
If the cleaner fish gulped a prawn, though, the researchers snatched away the second plate.
And it was eaten by next door's dog.' Expanding on his canine aversion, Roy recalled with a brevity that would impress an old time telegram operator: 'Dog gulped down gerbil.
"After she gulped it down," the paper reported, "the foreign soldier pulled Helen ...