gulp back

gulp something back

Fig. to force or hold back tears, sobs, etc. He gulped his sobs back and clutched at his wound. He gulped back his sobs.
See also: back, gulp
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It's not a wine to analyse but to gulp back with those mussels on a sunny day.
So when we have our Skype conversation on Christmas Eve, I'll think how marvellous 21st Century life is - but may have to gulp back a tear, too.
But he was dared by friends as a crowd gathered to watch him gulp back the vodka.
At a party near his home in Rumney, Cardiff, that night, a crowd gathered to watch him gulp back the vodka.
I gulp back an inappropriate giggle and peek out from underneath a cool flannel to see the masseuse pummelling my body with a water jet.
AtmosphErE: 4/5 WhilE the mostly middle-class, and slightly middle-aged, locals are a far cry from the usual band of gougers i gulp back Guinness and cheap cans of cider with on a weekend, it was so refreshing to walk into a bar without a single surly sour puss in sight.
Either breathe on to the screen and let the app work its magic or have a "shake monitor" measure how boisterous you are becoming with the precious toy as you gulp back that sixth pint.