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stick in (one's) gullet

For something to bother one after it has happened, because it seems wrong or one cannot accept it. The way that Bob was fired has stuck in his gullet all these years. If it had been handled differently, I don't think it would have affected him as much. Her comment really stuck in my gullet. She was really out of line to say that.
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stick in your ˈthroat/ˈcraw/ˈgullet

(informal) if something sticks in your throat, it is difficult or impossible to agree with or accept: It really sticks in my throat that I get paid less than the others for doing the same job.
See also: craw, gullet, stick, throat
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John Woodhall, a water rescue specialist with WMAS, who was called out to Gullet Quarry, said people needed to be acutely aware of the dangers of swimming in open waters.
This also means that Kenya will have more water supply and pasture for livestock compared to last year," said Gullet.
It is seen some times in children also that when they vomit, wrongly it enters the wind gullet.
15] More critical than Gullet, it provides a useful review of the campaign that should be read by any student of it.
Arkansas Senator Brenda Gullet, a long-time proponent of public health issues, was aware of her state's oral health needs, but it was not until she heard a fellow legislator speak at an NCSL meeting when she became "enlightened" about the profound connection between childhood oral health and chronic diseases.
Of all the fruits and vegetables, tomatoes' seeds are some of the most innocuous; they slide down the gullet cushioned in that jelly coating or cook away into nothingness.
So, Gregorian chant is important because some people spent a lot of time at it, we envision some brutes stuffing chant down Josquin's unwilling gullet, and evidently we are to fear dealing with it.
This `Pig in the Middle' phenomenon --demographers describe watching the bulging Baby Boom bunch moving through their demographic charts as like watching a pig move down the gullet of a python--is going to confront us with the problem of too many unproductive old people sopping up the resources of too few workers.
He dips the tip of an attached plastic tube into mineral oil so as not to hurt the bird's throat and slips it down its gullet.
d'Argental, had a lackey named Gullet, who organized another copying service.
Studded with light underfoot and with a hand-finished surface like watered silk, the shining asymmetrical gullet is divided by a glazed pivoting door that cuts it physically but not visually.
Superior edge strength from a variable width land and a widening chip gullet are two prime features of the insert.
Gullet trimming results in the inclusion of the animals' hormone-containing thyroid glands.
This technology will ease the burden of tracking and delivering emergency supplies and free us to focus more resources on saving lives and providing direct assistance to those most in need," said Abbas Gullet, director of disaster management at the International Federation.