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dry-gulch (one)

To attack one, especially via an ambush. I didn't see the attackers coming at all—they totally dry-gulched me.

dry-gulch someone

to ambush someone. The outlaw dry-gulched the traveler and took everything he had. The posse planned to dry-gulch the outlaw by waiting outside his favorite saloon.
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Silver Gulch Brewing and Bottling was founded in Fox, Alaska, in 1998 by two lifelong Alaskans.
Brady joined the brewing industry in 1998 when he founded Silver Gulch Brewing and Bottling Co.
Western Pacific Resources Corp (TSXV: WRP), a gold explorer focused on acquiring advanced-stage projects in the Western United States, has announced that the Idaho Forest Service has granted the Plan of Operation permit for its Mineral Gulch project located in Cassia County, Idaho.
Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, a subsidiary of Marriott International Inc (NYSE: MAR), has announced new ski packages from The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch hotel in Avon, Colorado, US.
Walker was busy scouting for future talent at Tattersalls Sales, but his instructions were carried out to the letter as Jean-Pierre Guillambert angled Red Gulch out midway down the home straight and the four-yearold ran on strongly to deny Ball Prince by a neck.
Green Gulch 1 site was in a transitional vegetative zone at 1,280 m elevation, with the xeric desert floor downslope and mesic woodland upslope.
The proposed new Langley Gulch facility location is on a remote site south of Interstate 84 at exit 9 in Payette County.
ONCE A Gulch defied a huge drift in the market to score in fine style last time and his progress looks set to continue in the Willow Green Handicap at Great Leighs tomorrow.
FOUR near-identical dinosaur footprints have been found 2,500 miles apart - in Skye's Trotternish peninsula and Red Gulch, Wyoming,
The comment was apt, as we were spending the weekend at a cottage in the hills above Green Gulch Farm, a Zen Buddhist practice center that welcomes guests to take part in all kinds of exercises, from guided meditation to formal tea ceremonies to daily chores like gardening and cooking.
Kulongoski has repeatedly pleaded with the administration to halt the Mike's Gulch sale in the South Kalmiopsis roadless area on the Siskiyou National Forest.
Beyond Hana, the standard turn-around point for day-trippers is Oheo Gulch, universally (if erroneously) referred to as the Seven Sacred Pools.
on August 31, John Tietbohl of Bachelor Gulch, Colorado, walked his fiancee to his vehicle parked in front of his house.
ABSTRACT--The rare plant, Ivesia rhypara Ertter and Reveal (Rosaceae), appears to grow along cracks in the closely underlying bedrock at the type locality, Leslie Gulch, Malheur County, Oregon.