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The people responsible at the BBC are probably white, middle-class people with a guilt complex.
99) MOTIVATED by a powerful guilt complex due to the death of his mother, crime writer James Ellroy has devoted his entire adult life to the single-minded pursuit of tall, red-headed women.
Perhaps I should also add that hell has no fury like a woman persecuted by her guilt complex.
My dad was deeply religious and I have always had a guilt complex about sex because of my parents' inability to talk about anything to do with that subject.
suffers from a guilt complex years before most of us grapple with such stuff.
The title in bright yellow letters, "Run for Life," next to a photo of a couple running the roads in fine form, is enough to stir up my guilt complex.
Israeli propaganda experts have lamented that this is due to the fact that the image of the Holocaust is fading away from the minds of the world's youth, especially the Europeans who have long suffered from a guilt complex towards the Jews.
It's part of a guilt complex," says Frank Dalene, the vice president and chief financial officer of Hamptons Luxury Homes.
It fueled the break with an epic past, opened the way for self-referential issues about art that were absent during the 1970s, and dealt with the international art scene without a guilt complex.
Mum had a real guilt complex when I broke the news that I had cancer.
I would also be lying in some hospital bed suffering from a guilt complex, amnesia and insomnia after being treated by a psychiatrist, who is in actuality an Oscar Award winning Swedish actress?
In all attempts to understand the teachings of Our Lord, I have found no place where the colossal guilt complex in virtually everything should preside.
Night Shyamalan) plots the movie to death (boredom can be terminal), explaining away Caroline's loopy Nancy Drew behavior by giving her a guilt complex over her father's death.
Malkin's calculus, however, is different: She hopes that if Americans can be persuaded to get over the Japanese internment guilt complex, the profiling of Arab Americans and Muslims will become more acceptable.
Teachers appear to have developed a guilt complex over Empire, like an iffy relative you want to airbrush out of the family.