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But one mind still held possession of its resources -- but one guiding spirit now moved helpfully in the house of mourning.
Many pleasant pictures of the life that I would lead there, and of the change for the better that would come over my character when I had a guiding spirit at my side whose simple faith and clear home-wisdom I had proved, beguiled my way.
I did not weep, but I knelt down and with a full heart thanked my guiding spirit for conducting me in safety to the place where I hoped, notwithstanding my adversary's gibe, to meet and grapple with him.
When will my guiding spirit, in conducting me to the daemon, allow me the rest I so much desire; or must I die, and he yet live?
Violet still seemed to be the guiding spirit, while Peony acted rather as a laborer, and brought her the snow from far and near.
Stranger still is this fresh whiff of punk noise from Bicolandia under the guiding spirit and marketing savvy of Struggle Records PH.
Sheikh Zayed's legacy remains the guiding spirit of the country, and the socioeconomic shift he stimulated during his rule continues to inspire every aspect of the UAE's progress.
He paid rich tribute to noted poetess Fahmida Riaz, who passed away in November last year and said, 'She remained a guiding spirit for me.' He also read the last poem of Riaz, 'Mein Naheen Akele Duniya Mein [I am not alone in this world],' and said that Riaz was still alive in the hearts of people.
He paid rich tributes to the recently deceased poet Fahmida Riaz and reciting her verses, she remained a guiding spirit'.
Sobrepena has been an active and guiding spirit in our country's campaign to honor teachers.
Au Yeung will also focus on the guiding spirit of Expo 2020 Dubai - 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future' - and its three sub-themes, Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability to build new strategic partnerships, market awareness and business opportunities.
The post by Prime Minister Modi, titled 'A leader for the ages--ahead of his times', read, "In times of turbulence and disruption, a nation is blessed to have a leader who rises to become its moral compass and guiding spirit, providing vision, cohesion and direction to his people.
Terming the welfare of the people as the only guiding spirit behind his political journey, he appealed to the Ulema and Mashaykh to play their due role in the societal reform and awakening.
Therefore the way back to the truth-and the peace that comes with it-is by 'swimming' deeper into the sea, by taking a respite from our shallow concerns and waiting for the guiding Spirit in silence.