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guiding light

Someone who is influential or an inspiration to others. Mother Teresa was certainly a guiding light to many who shared her faith.
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guiding spirit

Someone who is influential or an inspiration to others. Amy's mother was always her guiding spirit during difficult decisions.
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guide someone around something

 and guide someone around
to lead or escort someone on a tour of something or some place. Please let me guide you around the plant, so you can see how we do things here. I would be happy to guide you around.
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guide someone away from someone or something

 and guide someone away
to lead or escort someone away from someone, something, or some place. (Usually said of someone who requires help or guidance.) A police officer guided the children away from the busy street. Please guide away those people before they bump into your grandmother.
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guide someone or something across (something)

to lead or escort someone or something across something. I had to guide him across the desert. The bridge was very narrow and Jill got out to guide the truck across. We had to guide it across.
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guide something away

 (from someone or something)
1. to lead something away from someone or something. I guided the lawn mower away from the children. Please stand there and guide away the cars.
2. to channel or route something away from someone or something. The farmer guided the creek water away from the main channel through a narrow ditch. We had to guide away the sheep from the road.
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guiding light

A mentor or an exemplary principle. Presumably this expression refers to the light of a lantern or beacon guiding someone through the dark. The earliest transference of this idea was religious, “light” referring to God or the church. Thus the American Transcendentalist Theodore Parker wrote, “We look to Thee; Thy truth is still the Light which guides the nations, groping on their way.” Sometime in the latter part of the nineteenth century the term began to be used for secular mentors of various kinds.
See also: guide, light
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I used the QHYOAG-M off-axis guider to auto guide all of my test exposures with the camera.
The guider analyses the film to identify contact principles--the building blocks of communication.
25 million on a three-story property located at 3424-3426 Guider Ave.
But she puts her heart and soul into being a Guider.
Enforcing the role of teacher as leader and guider during these drills, says Robert Solomon, assistant vice president, Building and Life Safety Codes for the National Fire Prevention Association.
Have you been a Guide, a Guider or a parent of a Guide at St Gabriel's from 1950/2000?
The popularity of imports like Heineken and the trendy American microbrews made him think: Why not Star or Guider, two best sellers from his native Nigeria?
Dans la matinee du vendredi 31 mars, le president du Conseil europeen, Donald Tusk, a fait parvenir aux vingt-sept chefs d'Etat et de gouvernement de l'Union europeenne (sans le Royaume-Uni) un document d'une demi-douzaine de pages enumerant les grands principes censes les guider pour la negociation du divorce avec Londres.
The CHY16200A includes a removable off-axis guider and an internal 5-position filter wheel that accepts 2-inch filters, as well as a USB slave port with a locking clip to power an autoguiding camera.
beaucoup moins que] Il m'est particulierement agreable au moment ou le peuple libanais frere celebre le 72e anniversaire de sa fete nationale de vous adresser, au nom du peuple et du gouvernement algeriens et en mon nom personnel, mes sinceres felicitations et mes meilleurs vœux, priant Le Tout-Puissant de vous accorder sante et bien-etre et de guider vos pas vers davantage de progres et de prosperite pour le peuple libanais frere [beaucoup plus grand que], a ecrit le chef de l'Etat dans son message.
2 Thread guide plate with thread guider complete 3 doz.
Le ministre de la Science et de la Communication Dr Tahani Abdallah a declare que le forum qui vise a introduire les dommages causes par les dechets electroniques et la facon de les traiter et de guider l'opinion publique vers le probleme ainsi que de elever le niveau de culture et de sensibilisation dans le traitement de ces dechets .
Also pictured are members of the guide company and guider Miss Pamela Hawkins.
Stockton's mayor, Councillor Harry Davies, is pictured handing over a donation towards travelling costs to Guider Catherine Sunley.
231st Guide leaders, Heather and Leona Candelent, Amy Jones, Rachael Sparkes, Louise Maynard, 140th Guider Wendy Millman, Margaret Birkett (County) and Penny Hall (Cole Valley Div.
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