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guiding light

Someone who is influential or an inspiration to others. Mother Teresa was certainly a guiding light to many who shared her faith.
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guiding spirit

Someone who is influential or an inspiration to others. Amy's mother was always her guiding spirit during difficult decisions.
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guide someone around something

 and guide someone around
to lead or escort someone on a tour of something or some place. Please let me guide you around the plant, so you can see how we do things here. I would be happy to guide you around.
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guide someone away from someone or something

 and guide someone away
to lead or escort someone away from someone, something, or some place. (Usually said of someone who requires help or guidance.) A police officer guided the children away from the busy street. Please guide away those people before they bump into your grandmother.
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guide someone or something across (something)

to lead or escort someone or something across something. I had to guide him across the desert. The bridge was very narrow and Jill got out to guide the truck across. We had to guide it across.
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guide something away

 (from someone or something)
1. to lead something away from someone or something. I guided the lawn mower away from the children. Please stand there and guide away the cars.
2. to channel or route something away from someone or something. The farmer guided the creek water away from the main channel through a narrow ditch. We had to guide away the sheep from the road.
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Not a lot is written on why guided imagery is often helpful.
Guided imagery has also been used in sports, especially to improve motivation and performance as well as reducing pain during healing.
Guided imagery has been used increasingly by healthcare providers in the medical field with impressive results.
Participants in this study who received both therapy and guided imagery showed significantly more improvement in motor recovery than those who did not use imagery (2001).
Hearing, smell, taste, and touch can also be incorporated into imagery or guided imagery.
Guided tours are being offered by The Constitutional Guided Walking Tours, LLC which is a licensee of The Constitutional Foundation d/b/a The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia; a portion of the proceeds from all guided tour ticket fees benefit The Constitutional Foundation and its free self-guided tour.
The current study sought to extend the guided notes literature by examining the effects of three instructional conditions (i.
In the slides plus guided notes condition, the instructor supplemented the lecture with slides containing critical points in the same manner as in the previous condition.
No rationale was given for why the guided notes were distributed and no additional instructions were provided.
With regard to recorded critical points, students included an average of 62% in the traditional lecture condition, 97% in the slides condition, and 100% in the slides plus guided notes condition.
Higher scores across all dependent measures were observed when the students were provided with guided notes.
Specifically, the technique of guided imagery utilized as a form of relaxation has received much support in clinical studies since the late 1980s.
Patients now have the opportunity to practice the guided imagery techniques provided in the CDs prior to a scheduled surgical procedure knowing they are actively contributing to the success of their procedure.
Additionally, surgeons can improve their patients' comfort and recovery time by providing pre-surgical patients with the guided imagery CDs, as patients using the technique report more satisfaction in their care during hospitalization and recovery.
The tracks on the CD: "Transforming Anxiety: Guided Imagery for Anxiety, Panic Attack or Chronic Stress," are approximately 10-15 minutes.