guide around

guide someone around something

 and guide someone around
to lead or escort someone on a tour of something or some place. Please let me guide you around the plant, so you can see how we do things here. I would be happy to guide you around.
See also: around, guide
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I made this film of me doing a travel guide around London's East End," he says.
FOR party animals still going after Hogmanay, we've got the best club guide around.
The first of many initiatives is a free audio guide around the show, a first for the Turner Prize, explaining the inspiration behind each piece of artwork and the contribution that each artist has made to British contemporary art.
Create collections of Web video "Playlists" in the Channels Guide around a certain TV show or subject (without uploading any video
Joffrey reveals his cowardly side HORSING J AROUND Action scene from last series and, right, RTE Guide AROUND ND Acti ti tion sce cene ne fro rom la la la t st st st st ser er er erie ie ie ie ies an an an an and, rig ig ig ig ig ig ight ht ht ht ht ht ht ht ht ht, RT RT RT RT RT RT RT RT RT RT RTE Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Guid id id id id id id id id id id ide EVIL n PAIR With Lena Headey who plays the role of his mother ROYAL RUMBLE Jack Gleeson as King Joffrey in TV show
Because we designed this guide around what companies are actually doing it also reveals best practices for handling the bad news and unexpected events that can trip up even the best-run firms--from facility closings and unwelcome executive departures to difficult analysts and events that have come to light 50 or even 100 years after they happened.
If you ever visit the famous Motor City, home of Motown, the chances are your guide around soul city's Motown Museum will be the woman who once belted out Dancing In The Streets.
YOU'VE sat on an open-topped bus enjoying the sights of the Welsh capital and followed a guide around the stately rooms of Cardiff Castle.
Tours take place during school weekends and holidays,at pounds 5 per head (including tea/coffee)and Richard Leigh will also guide around interested individuals.
He would act as Ali's bodyguard and guide around the hotel.
For just US$300, you can have fast, easy access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive industry guide around, saving you hours of time when sourcing a new supplier, buyer or simply trying to re-establish a business relationship.
Make no mistake - the souped-up gliding tank you guide around the neon-tinged levels is no slouch, and the hundreds of bullets heading your way travel at a fair clip, but it's the first Iuchi game where retreat feels like a valid option.
Sir John has also appeared on numerous TV shows as the definitive guide around his own home.
com, the most irreverent city guide around, is creating the Ballot Bash
His tour guide around town asked him what all his note taking was about.