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guide (someone or something) across

To help someone or something to cross something. Hey Stu, can you guide these guys across the river? I think you're going to have to guide that little boat across—otherwise, it'll tip over.
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guide (someone) around

To show someone a particular place or thing, as on a tour. Back when I worked at the art museum, I especially loved guiding people around the impressionist wing. Do you have time to guide us around today?
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guide away (from someone or something)

To lead, help, or direct someone or something in keeping distance from someone or something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "guide" and "away." Please go out there and guide the kids away from that busy street. Once I saw the approaching crowd of people, I tugged on the leash to guide the dog away. The construction crew set up cones to guide people away from the gaping hole in the middle of the street.
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guiding light

Someone who is influential or an inspiration to others. Mother Teresa was certainly a guiding light to many who shared her faith.
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guiding spirit

Someone who is influential or an inspiration to others. Amy's mother was always her guiding spirit during difficult decisions.
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let (one's) conscience be (one's) guide

To trust one's moral principles and make decisions that align with them. If you have a strong sense of right and wrong, then you should have no trouble letting your conscience be your guide. I've managed to steer clear of trouble by always letting my conscience be my guide.
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guide someone around something

 and guide someone around
to lead or escort someone on a tour of something or some place. Please let me guide you around the plant, so you can see how we do things here. I would be happy to guide you around.
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guide someone away from someone or something

 and guide someone away
to lead or escort someone away from someone, something, or some place. (Usually said of someone who requires help or guidance.) A police officer guided the children away from the busy street. Please guide away those people before they bump into your grandmother.
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guide someone or something across (something)

to lead or escort someone or something across something. I had to guide him across the desert. The bridge was very narrow and Jill got out to guide the truck across. We had to guide it across.
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guide something away

 (from someone or something)
1. to lead something away from someone or something. I guided the lawn mower away from the children. Please stand there and guide away the cars.
2. to channel or route something away from someone or something. The farmer guided the creek water away from the main channel through a narrow ditch. We had to guide away the sheep from the road.
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guiding light

A mentor or an exemplary principle. Presumably this expression refers to the light of a lantern or beacon guiding someone through the dark. The earliest transference of this idea was religious, “light” referring to God or the church. Thus the American Transcendentalist Theodore Parker wrote, “We look to Thee; Thy truth is still the Light which guides the nations, groping on their way.” Sometime in the latter part of the nineteenth century the term began to be used for secular mentors of various kinds.
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