guffaw at

guffaw at (someone or something)

To laugh heartily at someone or something. ("Guffaw" is likely of imitative origin.) I grinned as the audience guffawed at the joke I'd told. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to guffaw at you, but you just look so ridiculous in that hat!
See also: guffaw

guffaw at someone or something

to laugh at someone or something very hard and raucously. The audience guffawed at the clown's antics. The old man guffawed at the clown.
See also: guffaw
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The comedian, from Swansea, Wales, will be at south-west Scotland's leading monthly comedy club Raw Guffaw at the Troqueer Arms, Troqueer Road, on Tuesday.
While some might guffaw at a lot of the situations that go on around the sets depicted in The Fluffer, I just nodded in agreement with the truth of it all.