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guffaw at someone or something

to laugh at someone or something very hard and raucously. The audience guffawed at the clown's antics. The old man guffawed at the clown.
References in classic literature ?
Our wild guffaws of laughter penetrated even Great-aunt Eliza's deafness, and she glanced up with a startled face.
He shook his head sadly, murmuring, "Too bad, too bad," while the hunters burst into guffaws of laughter.
To state that Prince Charles, the so-called Prince of Wales, has more Welsh royal blood in him than almost anyone in Aberteifi or, indeed, Wales, made me guffaw in disbelief.
Their conclusion: We aren't alone in enjoying a good guffaw.
New researchers have claimed that just 30 minutes of guffaw a day is adequate to keep your heart healthy.
There ain't a lot to read here, so it's not like you're going to have more than one or two trips to the shitter with this baby, but some of the insights gleaned will cause a chuckle or a hearty guffaw (or occasion a wince).
NEIL Pendock is a huge, bearded, pony-tailed bear of a man with an infectiously deep guffaw - Santa Claus with a South African accent.
Many a young player has felt the wrath of Gilly, few have escaped rebuke, but it was usually followed by a loud guffaw because he always meant well and always had the best interests of the club at heart.
And as other firefighters guffaw hysterically, the prankster is violently spun round for several seconds.
It is not intended to be a book of humor either, but if you have ever been a pastor, married to a pastor, or lived in a pastor's home, I guarantee you will guffaw in places.
NEWCASTLE chairman Freddy Shepherd is normally so wide of the mark with his pronoucements that a guffaw is the accepted response.
He says he's unsure about how to compare the chirp of a romping rat to the guffaw of a person.
and not least the guffaw I often get when I say that I am an actor and not an actress.
Then a leery guffaw bi the silence, followed by an individual pointing excitedly up at a TV monitor.
Rather than make my stif f upper lip quiver with British pride, I have to stifle a guffaw every time I see them.