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be my guest

A set phrase encouraging or allowing someone else to take action. A: "Do you mind if I order another glass of wine?" B: "Not at all—be my guest."
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Be my guest.

Help yourself.; After you. (A polite way of indicating that someone else should go first, help himself or herself to something, or take the last one of something.) Mary: I would just love to have some more cake, but there is only one piece left. Sally: Be my guest. Mary: Wow! Thanks! Jane: Here's the door. Who should go in first? Bill: Be my guest. I'll wait out here. Jane: You're so polite!
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guest of honor

a guest who gets special attention from everyone; the person for whom a party, celebration, or ceremony is given. Bob is the guest of honor, and many people will make speeches about him. The guest of honor sits at the front of the room on the dais.
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be my guest

Do as you wish. For example, May I drive your car?-Sure, be my guest, or Do you mind if I go to the play without you?-No, be my guest. This expression not only literally invites someone to behave as one's guest (using one's house, belongings, etc.) but also figuratively tells someone to feel free to act as he or she pleases. [Colloquial; c. 1950] Also see feel free.
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be my guest

1. You say be my guest to someone to politely give them permission to do something. `Do you mind if I use the phone?' — `Be my guest.'
2. You say be my guest to someone to say that you are happy to let them do something unpleasant or difficult instead of you. If you want to tell her the bad news, Maria, be my guest.
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be my guest

please do. informal
1988 Jay McInerney The Story of My Life I'll hurt myself, Mannie screams. Be my guest, says Rebecca.
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be my ˈguest

(informal) used to give somebody permission to do something that they have asked to do: ‘May I look at this book?’ ‘Be my guest.’
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References in classic literature ?
A little boy--the Colonel's grandchild, and the only human being that ever dared to be familiar with him--now made his way among the guests, and ran towards the seated figure; then pausing halfway, he began to shriek with terror.
His speech leaves them all so tearful that one of the guests, Jokubas Szedvilas, who keeps a delicatessen store on Halsted Street, and is fat and hearty, is moved to rise and say that things may not be as bad as that, and then to go on and make a little speech of his own, in which he showers congratulations and prophecies of happiness upon the bride and groom, proceeding to particulars which greatly delight the young men, but which cause Ona to blush more furiously than ever.
Cedric darted at the speaker one of those hasty and impatient glances, which comparisons between the two rival nations seldom failed to call forth; but, recollecting the duties of hospitality, he suppressed further show of resentment, and, motioning with his hand, caused his guests to assume two seats a little lower than his own, but placed close beside him, and gave a signal that the evening meal should be placed upon the board.
Monte Cristo, seeing that the two persons for whom he had prepared this scene could scarcely endure it, and not wishing to carry it too far, said, "Come, gentlemen, -- some coffee, we seem to have forgotten it," and he conducted the guests back to the table on the lawn.
When the servants had done washing and anointing him with oil, and had given him a clean cloak and shirt, he left the bath room and joined the guests who were sitting over their wine.
After the ceremonial greetings had been paid, Lady Eleanore Rochcliffe stood apart from the mob of guests, insulating herself within a small and distinguished circle, to whom she accorded a more cordial favor than to the general throng.
and with these words the bride drew forth the finger and shewed it to the assembled guests.
Nastasia introduced the prince to her guests, to most of whom he was already known.
We keep an inn, as it were, in the very depths of Sherwood, but so far from highroads and beaten paths that guests do not often come nigh us; so I and my friends set off merrily and seek them when we grow dull of ourselves.
Anna Pavlovna was obviously serving him up as a treat to her guests.
In another half hour her hair was dried and built into the strange, but becoming, coiffure of her station; her leathern trappings, encrusted with gold and jewels, had been adjusted to her figure and she was ready to mingle with the guests that had been bidden to the midday function at the palace of The Warlord.
So close behind her came the little band of outlaws that scarce had the guests arisen in consternation from the table at the shrill cries of the girl than Norman of Torn burst through the great door with twenty drawn swords at his back.
Some hours before the guests were expected, Isabel arrived alone at the farm, bearing the apologies of unfortunate Miss Pink, still kept a prisoner in her bed-chamber by the asthma.
The band then played a welcome to another set of guests, and into the Throne-Room swept the handsome and stately Queen of Ev.
Germaine, we had every reason to congratulate ourselves on the ignorant punctuality which had brought us into the drawing-room half an hour in advance of the other guests.