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But if the batter is always guessing fastball, then the pitcher ought to always throw a slider instead.
Each housemate was called to the diary room and allowed to ask their celebrity up to ten questions before guessing who they were.
But the guessing starts coming into play when determining China's future role.
Computer scientists have discovered connections between the problem of guessing secrets and various topics in computer science, such as separating systems into smaller units, diagnosing technical problems, protecting data from unauthorized reproduction, and authenticating ownership claims.
From password guessing to data diddling (altering of data in an unauthorized manner), the depth and frequency of these attacks is alarming.
Correction for guessing has been a persistent problem in the interpretation of true-false and multiple-choice test scores.
(2) Your second task is to EARN POINTS BY GUESSING. After about a minute, the console will shut off.
There will be no room for second guessing or Monday morning quarterbacking by those opposed to development." Hess states in a letter to Vincent Tese, chairman of the UDC.
Charades is a guessing game where participants need to act out the word or phrase while others guess what it is.
Launched in January, the contest had thousands guessing, while company frontman Gary Lineker was also inundated by fans giving their own guesses.
But Brown still left his audience guessing after stressing that he did not, and would never, fix the lottery machine before giving precise details of how - using weighted balls - he could have achieved that.
A boro fan with a talent for guessing scorelines is the latest winner in the Gazette's RESULT!
Incorporating a more consistent--if less potent--M2-based component into the vaccine might prove useful in years plagued by bad guessing, Fiers says.
This rapid guessing component of speededness can be estimated by modeling response-times with a two-state mixture model, as demonstrated with data from a computer-administered reasoning test, the analytical measure of the Graduate Record Examination for 7,218 test takers.
Do several lively charades demonstrations with all the players, teaching basic charades communications and setting the tone for spontaneous guessing. For example, tug at your ear, which means, "the word sounds like" or flash three fingers, which means, "the word has three syllables."