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Wannabe glamour model Michelle failed to guess Chaz and Dave, but Shell improved the housemates' luck, instantly guessing Sir Patrick Moore before gushing enthusiastically about how great he was.
But the challenge of guessing Paul Daniels, Chaz and Dave, and Roland Rat proved too hard for the other three.
Computer scientists have discovered connections between the problem of guessing secrets and various topics in computer science, such as separating systems into smaller units, diagnosing technical problems, protecting data from unauthorized reproduction, and authenticating ownership claims.
By establishing a connection between the problem of guessing secrets and list decoding, Sudan and his coworkers developed procedures for recovering secrets more efficiently than by using methods originally proposed by Chung and her colleagues.
If the guessing proves difficult, the volunteer may open his eyes and make additional guesses.
The impact of accurate guessing on treatment ratings for antidepressants and other psychoactive drugs remains controversial (SN: 10/10/92, p.
After opening the phone lines, the first listener to guess the fat man's name in the manila envelope will win the $10,000 prize and we'll keep Philadelphia guessing until we get a winner
Blind guessing by people who never took a cognitive psychology course would yield an average of 50 percent correct on the recognition tests used in this study.
Blind guessing would group only 17 percent of the concepts correctly, the researchers maintain.
The prize for guessing the correct date is $20,000.
Idol Chatter" is a zany online celebrity guessing game that hosts up to 12 players, competing in real time, to identify the most celebrities possible.
Players earn coins for guessing the correct word, which they can use to buy helpful items like "peeks," which will reveal a single letter in the target word.
So we're all guessing again, torturing ourselves, thinking of all the skaters that could possibly have those initials.