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But if the batter is always guessing fastball, then the pitcher ought to always throw a slider instead.
Wannabe glamour model Michelle failed to guess Chaz and Dave, but Shell improved the housemates' luck, instantly guessing Sir Patrick Moore before gushing enthusiastically about how great he was.
By establishing a connection between the problem of guessing secrets and list decoding, Sudan and his coworkers developed procedures for recovering secrets more efficiently than by using methods originally proposed by Chung and her colleagues.
If the guessing proves difficult, the volunteer may open his eyes and make additional guesses.
One approach to the correction for guessing has been to investigate the conditions under which the influence of blind guessing on the scores of a test is negligible.
The video camera behind you will be used only for the purpose of filming how you press and how many points you earn by guessing.
Incorporating a more consistent--if less potent--M2-based component into the vaccine might prove useful in years plagued by bad guessing, Fiers says.
As a result, the counselor is guessing what Sara wants and Sara leaves the conversation feeling no less bored than when she started.
The impact of accurate guessing on treatment ratings for antidepressants and other psychoactive drugs remains controversial (SN: 10/10/92, p.
Psychologists also question the assertion of whole-language theorists that beginning readers already possess enough knowledge about print to make highly accurate guesses about the meaning of difficult words embedded within longer passages -- in other words, that "context-based" guessing sets the stage for fluent reading.
Blind guessing by people who never took a cognitive psychology course would yield an average of 50 percent correct on the recognition tests used in this study.