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The guessers, in fact, knew no more than the common people and sometimes less.
The whiteboard is visible to all participants and allows the guesser to learn about the content of the document as the game proceeds.
It was also a way for good hiders and good guessers to gain social status.
Also, a language guesser tool is used to identify the language of each document.
The guessers were asked to attempt to guess the first and then each successive word in the sentence, continuing to the last, until the sentence was complete (this is based on the Shannon guessing technique, 1951).
The theory-of-mind hypothesis asserts that chimps develop beliefs that distinguish the epistemic states of knower and guesser in the first experiment, and then use those beliefs to distinguish the epistemic states of knower and guesser in the second.
When they are finished, guessers are told to open their eyes and to try and guess all the changes that were made.
Julian Wilson once offered me 10-1 that twinkled-toes Audley Harrison wouldn't win a world title in five years, while Jimmy the Guesser took 50-1 about Kevin Darley being crowned the 2012 BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
Last week, however, I beat a car's on-board guesser by 20 minutes.
5 When it comes to opening presents, no one likes a good guesser.
DREAM Theme produced an impressive display to take the featured Leicester Mercury Family Day Handicap yesterday, cruising clear to beat Jimmy The Guesser by three lengths.
Newmarket trainer Nick Littmoden, who has "only a few" to run over the winter, was in double form with Our Choice and Jimmy The Guesser.
Littmoden completed an 8-1 plus brace 35 minutes later when he saddled Jimmy The Guesser to take the first division of the betdirect.
Frankie Dettori rode a confident race aboard the gambled-on 9-2 joint-favourite, bringing him wide to beat Jimmy The Guesser by a length and a half.
Spectators will be able to place $1 bets on when the breakdown will occur, with half the proceeds going to the winning guesser and half to charitable causes.