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Overall, 10 teams registered to participate, three of which submitted a Guesser agent to the competition: The VecGuessers (University of Amsterdam), whose agent used a distributional semantics approach to match hints to cities; Mandalina (Bogazici University, Turkey), whose agent used a distributional semantics approach enhanced with geographical information; and OUT TWIKI (Open University of Cyprus), a system that used a combination of supervised learning and logic-based reasoning.
The guessers, in fact, knew no more than the common people and sometimes less.
But if one guesses correctly and the other team guesses incorrectly, the correct guesser's team wins both the kick stick (much like an extra point) and gets both sets of bones.
Also, a language guesser tool is used to identify the language of each document.
RAPSGATE - showed a lot of pace before finishing second on her all-weather debut over six furlongs at Wolverhampton where Richard Hannon's youngster found Jimmy The Guesser's finishing kick too strong.
There are no question marks about Jimmy The Guesser in the first division of the EBF Maiden Stakes .
One significant consideration in deciding on sample size was the time-consuming nature of the Shannon guessing technique for individual guessers. It took each of our six guessers an average of 2 1/2 hours to guess the 292 words in the 12 sentences and each guesser produced, on average, over 1300 different guesses (even when we restricted the time allowed for this guessing to 30 seconds as opposed to the 60 seconds which Goldman-Eisler allowed).
One trainer (the 'guesser') leaves, while the other (the 'knower') places food into one of four containers (the chimp can't see which).
He might have bolted, too, but a little while before that we were joking with Vinnie, "the weight and age guesser," about using his ability with numbers to work out a plan for deficit reduction.
Partners sit facing each other and decide who will be the guesser and who will be the dresser.
The game involves teams of two, an 'artist' and a' guesser', with a maximum of four teams playing on the board at the same time.
Participants are randomly assigned to fill one of three roles in each run of the game: reader (R), guesser (G), or judge (J).
Have a quiz about the source, and reward the top guesser with a book or an extra slice of Buche de Noel.
Last week, however, I beat a car's on-board guesser by 20 minutes.