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Christina, 31, guessed PS60: "I could tell it was high street but I am surprised by how cheap the whole outfit is.
In the analogy with crosswords, if you guessed that an across word was wolverine, and a friend told you that a down clue also put a w in the first square, your confidence in your guess would grow.
But guess again, 'cause this time you guessed wrong
He struggled to pin down the name of ex-Bullseye host Jim Bowen but, as he was about to leave, he was hit by a sudden flash of inspiration and guessed correctly.
After the last card was delivered, subjects guessed which of the four cards would subsequently be selected by a random process as the target for that hand.
And while they found it difficult to get to grips with the size of Carol's wages, they guessed the Kwik- Fit boss's value easily enough.
Donna Maxfield, of Denbeigh Drive, West Bromwich, guessed 3,333 and Ray Hill, of Worcester Road, Dudley, guessed 3,300.
In effect, the strings of digits representing clients' Internet addresses need to be guessed using a step-by-step process analogous to the game of 20 questions.