guess at

guess at something

to estimate something; to give an opinion about what something might be. I hate to just guess at it, but if you insist: ten feet long. Go ahead, guess at the number of pennies in this jar.
See also: guess
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The vaccines, however, only represent health authorities' best guess at what form the flu virus will take as it spreads in Europe and the Americas.
Michel Benasra, chairman and CEO of the Guess Home Collection, parent company of Baby Guess at Home, reported an agreement with NoJo Inc.
NoJo will produce the complete Baby Guess at Home bedding program, including crib and bassinet sheets, decorative pillows, comforter and blanket covers, bumper guards, cradle sets, and dust ruffles.
Said Sass: "These Baby Guess At Home boutiques are similar to shop concepts with fixturing.
Larry Stier, president of Bellini, said he will test the Baby Guess At Home's crib sets and accessories in some stores, including one in Atlanta.
Said Stier, "We're going to devote an area of our store to the look that Baby Guess At Home is creating.
Sass added that Baby Guess At Home is tagging its products with a "manufacturer suggested retail" on them as a way to "make sure that everyone is playing fair.