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My brother's heart, as you term it, on the present occasion, I assure you I can only guess at.
Well," said Catherine, after some moments' consideration, "you may be able to guess at your brother's intentions from all this; but I am sure I cannot.
Two hundred would have been a charitable guess at her weight; her face was as round and red as a harvest-moon and almost as featureless.
Because of this he could not follow the arguments closely, and he could only guess at and surmise the ideas wrapped up in such strange expressions.
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Said Sass: "These Baby Guess At Home boutiques are similar to shop concepts with fixturing.
Larry Stier, president of Bellini, said he will test the Baby Guess At Home's crib sets and accessories in some stores, including one in Atlanta.
Said Stier, "We're going to devote an area of our store to the look that Baby Guess At Home is creating.
Sass added that Baby Guess At Home is tagging its products with a "manufacturer suggested retail" on them as a way to "make sure that everyone is playing fair.
And I'm also going to take a guess at what the problem is.
People entered the contest by calling a toll-free 888 contest number, or by filling out a guess at AT&T's website (http://www.