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Siliguri (West Bengal) [India] August 11 ( ANI ): A portion of National Highway 31D's railway flyover guarder collapsed in Goaltuli, Siliguri early Saturday morning.
Or does a pup growling when a newly acquired bone is taken from it predict an aggressive resource guarder? And most important, are the tests testing for what the tester purportedly says they are testing?
1 Have one person holding Dog A (the resource guarder) on leash in proximity to a guardable resource, while a second person approaches with Dog B on leash.
Xia, "Guarder: virtual drilling system for crowd evacuation under emergency scheme," Computer Research and Development, vol.
239-68) presents an analysis of "le guarder de l'Osireion de Karnak," an area found to the south of the small cluster of chapels that includes the chapel of Osiris wp id.
NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART * September 29, 2013-January 5, 2014 * Curated by Sarah Kennel * On the streets of 1860s Paris, the appearance of Charles Marville and his camera signaled one thing: There goes the guarder. The French photographer was point man for Baron Haussmann, the "demolition artist" who erased the old Paris and confected, as the Goncourt brothers put it, "a Babylon of the future." Marville recorded picturesque, doomed intersections and new boulevards that stretch vacantly to the horizon like desert highways.
Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Behzad announced that a new transmission line would be built between Iran's Southeastern port city of Chabahar and Pakistan's Guarder port.
and Liu Y., "Image Guarder: An Intelligent Detector for Adult," in Proc.
Researchers from Nihon University in Japan recently developed a numerical method to compare a CFRP guarder belt for a car door with one made with steel.
Not far away from the entrance to Dongwushan, East Temple stands among the thriving bamboos, facing Lion Mountains believed to be the guarder of the village.
Christopher Johnson, prosecuting, said the animal had been so starved it had become a "food guarder".
I understand the verb guarder (40), whose objects are the wind and stars, as checking, monitoring, not G's simpler "watching." A sailor may watch the wind, but not in quite the same way as he watches the stars.
27, 180: "de guarder mes feaulx subjectz et terres hereditaires"; for Grangonsier's peace offering, see chap.