guard against

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guard against (someone or something)

To make an effort to prevent or avoid someone or something. We're building a fence to try to guard against animals eating the vegetables in our garden.
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guard against someone or something

to take care to avoid someone or something. Try to guard against getting a cold. You should guard against pickpockets.
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References in classic literature ?
There, then, with uplifted forefinger, he first put me on my guard against a considerable number of heresies, to which I had no temptation, and urged upon me to be instant in my prayers and reading of the Bible.
I didn't know how to be on guard against myself, either.
So she called all seven to her and said: 'Dear children, I have to go into the forest, be on your guard against the wolf; if he comes in, he will devour you all--skin, hair, and everything.
CONOR O'SHEA has laughed off England's use of Cold War tactics to guard against another Italian ambush.
The Chicago-founded insurance company and the New York-based security firm would jointly assess clients' risk and sell them tools to guard against attacks, as well as insurance in case an attack does occur.
India will need to be careful not to allow them too much possession and guard against conceding soft penalty corners.
POLICE are again urging residents in Flintshire to be on their guard against bogus fishmongers targeting elderly and vulnerable people.
Global Banking News-May 13, 2014--Central bank of Philippines ready to guard against financial excesses
The Rotork CVA actuators have been installed to guard against accidental oil spillages or contamination that could occur if the power or the control signal to the unit is interrupted.
07, a case was registered in police station Green town against Private Guard against Muhammad Saleem s/o Ghulam Hussain r/o Chak No.
PREGNANT staff at the Health Ministry are to be given courses of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu, to guard against the H1N1 swine flu virus, it was revealed yesterday.
Summary: The promotion of SMEs, as a mechanism of jobs creation and development driving force is means to guard against the impacts of world financial crisis, assessed Wednesday in Algiers economists and experts in companies management.
Summary: Manchester City boss Mark Hughes will guard against complacency by telling his side not to sit back against Aalborg.
PENSIONERS are being urged to be on their guard against conmen posing as water board officials in their area.
You have got to be on guard against complacency," said Cole, 25.