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guarantee (something) against (something) for (some length of time)

To confirm or certify that an item or product will not break or deteriorate for a certain length of time (stated after "for"). I hope the company guaranteed your fancy new blender against breaking for at least a year.
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guarantee against (something)

1. To confirm that something, usually something negative, will not happen. I certainly hope that nothing catastrophic happens, but I can't guarantee against it—none of us can.
2. To confirm or certify that an item or product will not break or deteriorate, typically for a certain length of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "guarantee" and "against." I hope the company guaranteed your fancy new blender against breaking for at least a year.
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guarantee against something

to certify that something bad will not happen. No one can guarantee against that happening. I can't guarantee against something going wrong.
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guarantee something against something (for something)

to certify that something will not fail, break, or wear out, usually for a period of time. We guarantee this radio against defects for one year. I bought a service contract to guarantee my car against defects.
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Specialized technologies followed with two guarantees (5.6 percent) and handicrafts with one guarantee (2.8 percent).
The prime minister said that there should be a maximum figure on the sum that the federal government can guarantee for a project.
As part of the financing, the Guarantee Fund will give guarantees to those regional entrepreneurs who have promising projects, but have not enough collateral for a loan.
Lenders should note that the KSA courts and judicial committees are likely to interpret guarantees in favour of the guarantor, for the reason that guarantees under KSA law, are considered "voluntary" obligations.
--a certain measure for the issuance of counter guarantees is
In exchange for allowing guarantees to lapse, clients will be offered an increase in their annuity funds themselves, increasing insurance companies' short-term costs, but eliminating the long-term risk created by the guarantees.
About 1.8 million participants currently have access to in-plan guarantees in their DC plans, reports LIMRA.
In fact, 44% of pharmacists working in pharmacies with time guarantees reported a dispensing error they were personally involved in that was directly attributed to rushing to fulfill the guarantee.
Art Auction Guarantee is dedicated to art collectors, dealers/ galleries, art funds, museums and/or auction houses alike; with the exponential increase in value of art pieces, the company offers a professional service that simplifies the process of buying and selling art at auction, but most of all it guarantees a sale and, consequently, the value of art.
Industry and agriculture captured the lion's share in extended guarantees in the first six months of this year, with 202 (or 38.6% of total guarantees) and 193 (or 36.9% of total guarantees), respectively.
* Guarantees death benefits at the exact time they are needed.
Uncertainties over the interpretation of the relevant statutes led to a number of court cases and the judgement in the recent case of K/S Victoria Street v House of Fraser gives the clearest indication yet of what is and is not permitted by way of guarantees on transfer of a lease.
What matters should I consider before buying an extended guarantee? A.