guarantee against

guarantee against (something)

1. To confirm that something, usually something negative, will not happen. I certainly hope that nothing catastrophic happens, but I can't guarantee against it—none of us can.
2. To confirm or certify that an item or product will not break or deteriorate, typically for a certain length of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "guarantee" and "against." I hope the company guaranteed your fancy new blender against breaking for at least a year.
See also: guarantee

guarantee something against something (for something)

to certify that something will not fail, break, or wear out, usually for a period of time. We guarantee this radio against defects for one year. I bought a service contract to guarantee my car against defects.
See also: guarantee

guarantee against something

to certify that something bad will not happen. No one can guarantee against that happening. I can't guarantee against something going wrong.
See also: guarantee
References in classic literature ?
I had long since learnt to understand, composedly and as a matter of course, that my situation in life was considered a guarantee against any of my female pupils feeling more than the most ordinary interest in me, and that I was admitted among beautiful and captivating women much as a harmless domestic animal is admitted among them.
I will do it,' repeated Jasper, 'for the comfort of having your guarantee against my vague and unfounded fears.
MIGA provides insurance guarantee against political risks to investors and lenders from the private sector, protect investments against non-commercial risks and helps investors to gain access to sources of financing with terms and more favorable financial conditions.
Under these exemptions concerned entities are not required to furnish performance bond and bank guarantee against earnest money for advances in government contracts said CCP.
MORRISONS has become the first of the big four supermarkets to pledge a price match guarantee against discounters Aldi and Lidl in the latest episode of the ferocious price war.
The rules changed nearly one year ago, and while blank cheques were used as a bank guarantee against them, they are not any longer.
5 times the loan can give a collective guarantee against a single loan application.
Using a condom is not a guarantee against HIV (the AIDS virus) or other STDs but it does reduce the risks.
The company is so confident of its performance that it is offering a two-year guarantee against scratching.
1 : a promise that something will be or will happen as stated <The new tires came with a guarantee against defects.
A spokesman from CAWSS said: "The fact there have not been any problems in less than a year of trading does not give a guarantee against future problems.
The load cells come with a lifetime guarantee against failure from power surges, static charges, welding surges, lightning, rodents, and high pressure water washdown.
Bosses have blamed global pricing pressure for the cuts, and said they could not guarantee against more losses.
A new heavy-duty CCTV camera housing comes with a guarantee against breakage, deformation, and corrosion that also guarantees the customer's camera inside against damage or theft from the housing.
The MetroMax[R] storage and handling system boasts a lifetime guarantee against rust.