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guarantee against (something)

1. To confirm that something, usually something negative, will not happen. I certainly hope that nothing catastrophic happens, but I can't guarantee against it—none of us can.
2. To confirm or certify that an item or product will not break or deteriorate, typically for a certain length of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "guarantee" and "against." I hope the company guaranteed your fancy new blender against breaking for at least a year.
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guarantee (something) against (something) for (some length of time)

To confirm or certify that an item or product will not break or deteriorate for a certain length of time (stated after "for"). I hope the company guaranteed your fancy new blender against breaking for at least a year.
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guarantee against something

to certify that something bad will not happen. No one can guarantee against that happening. I can't guarantee against something going wrong.
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guarantee something against something (for something)

to certify that something will not fail, break, or wear out, usually for a period of time. We guarantee this radio against defects for one year. I bought a service contract to guarantee my car against defects.
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However, in the event there is no time limit specified in the Bank Guarantee, then the general limitation periods (time bars) provided under UAE Law will be applicable.
Industry and agriculture captured the lion's share in extended guarantees in the first six months of this year, with 202 (or 38.
Thus, payment under the guarantee generally gives the guarantor the right to, in turn, demand payment from the borrower.
According to an accompanying letter outlining the proposed bill--which mostly aligns with the proposals laid out in President Bush's budget proposal for fiscal year 2006, unveiled in early 2005--the measure would revise the base guarantee for Federal Work-Study and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, in an effort to direct campus-based funds to the neediest students.
A controversy has grown among companies in the life insurance industry and state regulators over the appropriate level of reserves for some universal life products with secondary guarantees, an increasingly fast growing and popular consumer product design.
The congressional conference committee that wrote the final bill gave the SBA and the Ex-Im Bank 120 days (ending this month) to assess the impact of the reduced guarantee rate on EWCP loans for small business exporters.
In considering the request for $1 billion in additional CCC export credit sales guarantees for Iraq for fiscal 1990, Federal Reserve reservations were based on continued concerns about Iraq's creditworthiness at that time.
If a guaranteed fund masks bad management, and customers don't care because of the guarantee, you're in trouble.
Unfortunately, the Department of Justice has just indicted officials from the major money center in the Iraqi guarantee program-the Atlanta branch of Italy's largest bank, Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro (BNL)-charging that the bank was in on Iraq's scam.
Burns is the first and only security company in Canada to have such a guarantee of service, Leach noted.
Summary: Figures released by the Kafalat Corporation showed that loans extended to small and medium companies under the guarantee of Kafalat reached $44.
The business owners may have to borrow the funds used in the business, personally guarantee the business's debt or seek a guarantee from acquaintances or family.
Your product's guarantee is more than a policy statement tacked on at the end of your letter.