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guarantee (something) against (something) for (some length of time)

To confirm or certify that an item or product will not break or deteriorate for a certain length of time (stated after "for"). I hope the company guaranteed your fancy new blender against breaking for at least a year.
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guarantee against (something)

1. To confirm that something, usually something negative, will not happen. I certainly hope that nothing catastrophic happens, but I can't guarantee against it—none of us can.
2. To confirm or certify that an item or product will not break or deteriorate, typically for a certain length of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "guarantee" and "against." I hope the company guaranteed your fancy new blender against breaking for at least a year.
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guarantee against something

to certify that something bad will not happen. No one can guarantee against that happening. I can't guarantee against something going wrong.
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guarantee something against something (for something)

to certify that something will not fail, break, or wear out, usually for a period of time. We guarantee this radio against defects for one year. I bought a service contract to guarantee my car against defects.
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The total number of guarantees amounted to 36 in the first six months of 2019, decreasing from 223 guarantees given in the same period of 2018.
Industry, agriculture and tourism captured the lion's share when it comes to the number of extended guarantees in the first six months of the year, with 13 (or 36.1 percent of the total number of guarantees) and 10 guarantees each (27.8 percent of the total each), respectively.
Putrajaya will be looking into setting a ceiling for government guarantees on public projects, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.
Accordingly, lenders should be aware that the KSA courts would not be bound by the choice of a foreign law as the law governing a guarantee, or the consent by the parties to the jurisdiction of foreign courts and may in their own discretion apply KSA law which does not recognise the doctrine of conflict of laws.
counter guarantee in the legislation of Russia has not been settled yet.
In exchange for allowing guarantees to lapse, clients will be offered an increase in their annuity funds themselves, increasing insurance companies' short-term costs, but eliminating the long-term risk created by the guarantees.
Twenty-three percent said they were incentivized through salary bonuses for meeting the time guarantees, and 83% of pharmacists working at pharmacies with advertised time guarantees reported that the guarantee was a contributing factor to dispensing errors; almost half of them (49%) felt it was a significant factor.
Any client (collectors, dealers, art funds, etc) can now limit his risk by guaranteeing with Art Auction Guarantee the price he paid to acquire an art piece privately through galleries/ dealers, private sales departments of auction house, etc.
Tourism came in next with 97 guarantees (18.6%), followed by handicrafts with 23 guarantees (4.4%) and specialised technologies with eight guarantees (1.5%), Kafalat said.
* All annuities, even variable annuities, guarantee to never lose any money.
The case law now says that the original guarantor cannot give a standalone guarantee for the new tenant when the lease is transferred.
About 39 per cent of people didn't know after June 30 they will no longer be able to guarantee a cheque payment by showing a cheque guarantee card with the Shakespeare hologram on it.
SWC's partner, Marfrio SA should contribute the remaining amount to enable the company to pay 10% of the annual guarantee levy on the outstanding guaranteed amount, the Cabinet said in a media statement.
Data were collected on the number of plans, number of participants and amount of assets in plans that offer in-plan guarantees.