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1. rude slang An abbreviation for "get the fuck out," an angry imperative for someone to leave, leave one alone, or stop what they is doing. If she's going to make snarky comments about my food, then she can just GTFO.
2. rude slang An abbreviation for "get the fuck out" used to express surprise at what one has just been told. Although the use of "fuck" can be offensive, this usage of the phrase is not intended to be rude. You got the job? GTFO! A: "You know, your crush is coming to the party after all." B: "What? GTFO!"

pics or GTFO

rude slang Used to demand photographic proof of some outlandish claim being made. Used in online communications, such as Internet forums, chat rooms, or social media platforms. ("GTFO" is an initialism of the rude phrase "get the fuck out.") A: "OMG I met Brad Pitt in a bar last night and we hung out all night drinking beer together!" B: "Sure you did. Pics or GTFO."
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Saraiya: To once again use the slang, Sarah Paulson or GTFO. Performance of the year, to my mind.
He was addressing as a chief guest in a conference on Trade Opportunities between Pakistan and USA organised by the Global Trade Fair Organization (GTFO), Pakistan Chamber of Commerce USA (PCC-USA) and Mass Human Resource Services (MHRS) at a hotel here, said a statement on Thursday.
President PCC-USA Waseem Akhter elaborated the purpose of trade conference and told it is an inaugural section of Expo that would be held in December 9 to December 16 at Huston USA with the collaboration of GTFO, CEO Shoaib Khan and Mariam Chaudhry Mass HRS.
The pervasive sexist abuse that women often face in the video gaming world--from online multiplayer games to tournaments to industry boardrooms--is spotlit in "GTFO." Shannon Sun-Higginson's documentary takes a less angry/ appalled tone than one might expect, while nonetheless charting plenty of instances in which female players, designers, programmers, et al., get endless flak simply for being the "wrong" gender in a realm traditionally seen (and treated) as a boys' club.
With a studio budget, "Get Hard" couldn't be fiscally further away from first-timer Shannon Sun-Higginson's documentary spotlight entry, "GTFO: Get the F% Out," which was largely financed via $33,700 raised on Kickstarter.
Sun-Higginson says "GTFO" received acceptance letters from both SXSW and the Tribeca Film Festival within a week, but she opted to take it to Texas thanks, in part, to the natural overlap between the fest's multiple fronts.