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If we see national service mainly as an antidote to the "culture of selfishness," then the grungier the work, the better.
But the songs, when they came, were amazing - from the tender Into Your Arms to an incendiary version of the 1988 Death Row lament Mercy Seat, with even a Leonard Cohen cover (Avalanche) and a little played number from Grinderman (The Bad Seeds's grungier spin-off band) thrown in for good luck.
Its going well, it will sound grungier and heavier than our EP, hopefully it will be out springtime.
But now, it's getting an decidedly indie makeover, with the likes of Kasabian and Editors being lined up to give Aled Jones' vocals a grungier edge.
The likes of Kasabian and Editors are being lined up to give Aled Jones's vocals a grungier edge.
At the time I thought it was due to their apparent return to what I considered the "grungier" aspects of his earliest production, reworking such things as an eye-catching scratchiness and less bombastic colors into their still highly considered mix.
Seeming to unfold in perpetual night, the New York-shot production treats the city not just as a seductive backdrop but as an incubator of Brandon's pathology, moving from sterile, glassy interiors to grungier environs as his descent quickens.
Listening to the battle cries of Fire In The Sky and 13 or the grungier Someone Stop Me and S.L.Y., you know that these chaps mean business.
Doucet, formerly of indie band Veal, has moved away from the country vibe that permeated his earlier work to develop a slightly grungier, earthier garage-band rock.
But he's out to push against the conventions a bit hence the grungier stuff that may be harder musically but it's commercially weaker while the slow hip hop handclap of The Kids descends into a repetitive drone.
Reporters can't roam the halls freely, but as we're escorted to appointments we are in and out of the offices (it's a lot grungier and more crowded than it appears on TV dramas), and we interact daily with many young staffers who were once Obama campaign workers.
If you're not at the Royal Welsh Show,it will be the National or the International Eisteddfod, the funkier Llangollen Fringe or the grungier Wakestock festival.
He later gave his copies to the establishments' owners in exchange for the grungier but infinitely more auratic objects trouves--ridding himself of the "artwork" at the very moment he acquired it through an absurdly hermetic barter.
But when their sound is darker and grungier, think Soundgarden rather than Def Leppard.