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grumble in the gizzard

To be annoyed or unhappy. Primarily heard in US. The outcome of that race left me grumbling in the gizzard—I thought for sure I had bet on the right horse!
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grumble about someone or something

to complain about someone or something. What are you grumbling about now? The students were grumbling about the teacher.
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grumble at someone

to complain to someone. Go grumble at someone else. I'm tired of listening. Stop grumbling at me!
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In the past Clarkson has been unable to hide his frustration with cyclists, grumbling on the BBC show at one stage that they "deserve" road rage.
JAMES Milner turned grumblings of discontent into a standing ovation in what's likely to be his fond farewell in Aston Villa colours.
Mr Brocklebank's Welsh antecedents have been grumbling for nigh on half a century over the Llyn Celyn issue.
The grumbling likely won't result in any real problems for Hodes--unless, of course, he does something to add to the discontent.
If you want me to line up all the black actors, for example, who support me and put them on one side of the room and a couple who are grumbling on the other, I'm happy to have that," he added.
One of the things shoppers are grumbling about is marketing, or things they blame on marketing.
Stress can often be relieved by grumbling, and I have sometimes cautiously encouraged this time-honoured method of getting grievances out of one's system, when constructive criticism has failed.
Laura and Leo Espinosa's OTIS AND RAE AND THE GRUMBLING SPLUNK (061898206X, $12.
Not a business day went by last week without a fair amount of grumbling.
Although one first assumes the gods of the title are the former US presidents, corporate elite, and moneyed folk in general who are doing the grumbling in Palm Springs.
I felt very small for my grumbling and at the same time thankful to be an American and exceptionally thankful for such young men as this one.
Recent church controversies over issues concerning homosexuality have caused grumbling among some potential ticket-buyers, he said.
He grumbles about the government and now he's grumbling about the opposition.
We are God's grumbling people who nonetheless daily receive bread.
For years, city politicians have been grumbling about repealing or lengthening term limits, but the politicians themselves would rather not launch this effort -- that would be too nakedly self-serving.