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grumble in the gizzard

To be annoyed or unhappy. Primarily heard in US. The outcome of that race left me grumbling in the gizzard—I thought for sure I had bet on the right horse!
See also: gizzard, grumble

grumble about someone or something

to complain about someone or something. What are you grumbling about now? The students were grumbling about the teacher.
See also: grumble

grumble at someone

to complain to someone. Go grumble at someone else. I'm tired of listening. Stop grumbling at me!
See also: grumble
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Do the liberties bestowed on the old grumbler, for instance, serve Morris's political ends--in his role as host, as a figure who invites us into his world--even as he seems to undermine them in an act of self-immolation or potlatch?
I'm not a grumbler," says Norma, the troubleshooter behind Spike's depressive genius.
IF there was a Pulitzer prize for the biggest grumbler then surely your correspondent LW of Tynemouth (EC, Sept 11) would be a qualifier.
She's normally a very happy young woman and not a grumbler, so I took her words to heart.
This grumbler once gave the Tories pounds 5million - its single biggest ever gift - and Cameron would dearly love another dollop of dosh from his fellow Old Etonian.
Now Keegan is ready to off-load his Gallic grumbler and use the cash to strengthen his back four.
Coronation Street's Bill Waddington - veteran grumbler Percy Sugden - got a shock in the post the other day.
The hiccups will be from Kenya's perennial domestic political grumblers often out to derail progress and from international dynamics that are busy realigning global power play.
If there are any grumblers they are nonsmokers denied a "break" enjoyed by the smokers.
Boro fans have always been grumblers, prone to that low murmur of disapproval and discontent rather than anything more aggressive or vocal.
Turned us into a nation of grumblers, moaning about late trains and rip-off fares - oh, and changed every aspect of how we live, work and play.
Sweeney Todd is Welsh National Opera's first musical, and it has brought out the grumblers.
And for any old grumblers who will point out the legendary pair set their marks when it was a four-day festival and not five, don't forget Moore did it in four anyway because he didn't ride a winner yesterday.
BY ALL accounts-even those of grumblers on the sidelines-John Philip Sevilla was a professional who cleaned up the Bureau of Customs and improved the performance of the government's second-largest revenue-earning agency.