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grumble in the gizzard

To be annoyed or unhappy. Primarily heard in US. The outcome of that race left me grumbling in the gizzard—I thought for sure I had bet on the right horse!
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grumble about someone or something

to complain about someone or something. What are you grumbling about now? The students were grumbling about the teacher.
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grumble at someone

to complain to someone. Go grumble at someone else. I'm tired of listening. Stop grumbling at me!
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References in classic literature ?
But not perceiving this quite plainly--only seeing it by halves in a confused way--the laity sometimes suffer in peace and pocket, with a bad grace, and DO grumble very much.
I shall not grumble if I get little change out of it, but I want value for the money.
There are not many of them to-night, John, but I saw some goods behind the cart, just now; and though they give more trouble, perhaps, still they pay as well; so we have no reason to grumble, have we?
They said Dog-Tooth was different from other men and second only to God that Big-Fat kept in his taboo house, and Dog-Tooth said so, too, and wanted to know who were they to grumble about how many wives he took.
And again his song was as fire to us, and we forgot to grumble.
When I remember that I was once an apprentice at a pastry-cook's--when I think of the gallons of turtle-soup that this hand has stirred up in a jolly hot kitchen--and when I find myself mixing bones and hot water for soup, and turning into ice as fast as I can; if I wasn't of a cheerful disposition I should feel inclined to grumble.
I don't wish to keep you a prisoner at home,' I replied; 'I should not grumble at your staying whole months away - if you can be happy so long without me - provided I knew you were safe; but I don't like the idea of your being there among your friends, as you call them.
In this strain the shepherd grumbles until the second comes.
It also seems like you have Alf Garnett there also, under the guise of Dan O'Neill, who also likes to have a grumble at everything that matters.
23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The definition of one's typical grumble is to complain or protest about something in a bad-tempered but typically muted way.
Perhaps his grumble about the Be Proud bar prices was well-justified.
Overall you're not going to grumble, but I'm a golfer and you always grumble
The officers complained about a lack of money, while smiling and saying "still mustn't grumble - carry on chaps" and the lads said "what a flippin' army this is".
The officers complained about the lack of money, whilst smiling and saying: "Still mustn't grumble - carry on chaps.
A prime example is the rendering of the father mouse wearing a lab coat, standing in front of a chalkboard and sketching out meticulous, scientific strategies to defend the family against the cat and the Grumble kids who live in the house.