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(as) gruff as a bear

Surly or brusque. Don't take it personally, Gordon is gruff as a bear with everyone.
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*gruff as a bear

gruff; curt and unsociable. (*Also: as ∼.) I hate to ask Erica questions; she's always gruff as a bear. I'm always as gruff as a bear before I've had my first cup of coffee.
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2411 (2013) ("[Petitioner does] not allege that UT's race-conscious admissions policy is functionally different from, or gives greater consideration to race than, the policy upheld in Gruffer.").
Morten Harket's voice is gruffer than before, adding character to his trademark vocal swoops, but the pop-rock title track is business as usual and Make It Soon has unexpected rock'n'roll intensity.
Although hard use brings out the gruffer side of the diesel engine, in everyday driving it remains nicely subdued.
I was a huge S Man fan back around the time of I Never Knew and although his sound has taken a gruffer feel to it in recent times Sanchez is most certainly still a "Superstar DJ" and is well worth going to check out.
Against him is Bale, who injects more growl behind the cowl than he can put pouting into Wayne's pinstripes, making for a furious and confused - ergo dangerous - Batman, gruffer than Clint Eastwood smoking cigars through a tracheotomy tube.
Maybe a little Cassandra Wilson, too, at the gruffer moments.
CANADIAN rapper Rich Terfry (aka Buck 65) is a genre-bender, mixing gruff rap with gruffer country, urban hip-hop with Gauloise jazz, and street beats with banjo picks.
Marsalis is often at his best as a sideman, and his fleet-footed, clear-toned trumpet complements the grainier, gruffer Henderson saxophone perfectly.
But it turns out that Proof Of Life just wants to be a gruffer, more rugged Casablanca, right down to a dramatic airport finale.
Ever since his long association with trombonist Roswell Rudd in the 1960s, Rava has enjoyed setting his trumpet against the gruffer, sliding horn.
The voices were gruffer than usual (and that was just the women), the handshakes and hugs fiercer, the songs louder and the drinks bigger.
He was even gruffer and more grumpy than usual and no wonder.