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hold a grudge

To harbor persistent and continual resentment or ill feelings toward someone, especially for some slight or wrongdoing they have committed in the past. Johnny has been holding a grudge against me since we were 12 because I embarrassed him in front of a girl he liked. Samantha is just so forgiving—I don't think she's ever held a grudge in her life!
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bear a grudge (against someone)

To remain angry with someone about past slights or misdeeds. Although our disagreement happened months ago, Lily still won't talk to me—clearly, she's bearing a grudge. My sister-in-law bore a grudge against me for years after she found out that I said her wedding dress was ugly.
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bear a grudge (against someone)

 and have a grudge (against someone); hold a grudge (against someone)
to continue feeling an old resentment for someone; to harbor continual anger for someone. She bears a grudge against the judge who sentenced her. I have a grudge against my landlord for not fixing the leaky faucet.
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hold a grudge

(against someone) Go to bear a grudge (against someone).
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nurse a grudge (against someone)

Fig. to keep resenting and disliking someone over a period of time. (Usually implies that it has been an unreasonably long time.) Sally is still nursing a grudge against Mary. How long can anyone nurse a grudge?
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bear a grudge

Also, have or hold a grudge . Maintain resentment or anger against someone for a past offense. For example, They held up my claim for months, but I won't bear a grudge against them, or His grandfather was always one to hold a grudge. [c. 1600]
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nurse a grudge

Bear resentment for a long time, as in We don't know why Karl looks so angry; I think he's nursing a grudge against the family. This expression uses nurse in the sense of "foster a feeling," a usage dating from the mid-1700s.
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For information on upcoming races and MavTV's House of Grudge, "Like" them on Facebook at facebook.
By showing kindness, even if you don't initially feel so benevolent, you will most likely find that your grudge lessens considerably.
Lal's callous gesture to the victim's family came after the Judge told him: "I am satisfied you harboured a deepseated grudge against this man that had been eating away inside you for 16 years or so.
Grudge certainly seems to be better on the all-weather, though, with four of his six wins coming on that surface.
It became apparent he had worked at the garage and there seemed to be sort of grudge having been laid off in 2008," said Claire Thomason, prosecuting.
But I don't hold a grudge and things have since worked out well.
Grudge had to use plenty of pace to get to the front, but this time he is housed in stall three of nine, while his old adversary is next to him in four.
Grudge invariably fights his corner at Wolverhampton - he won at the track last November - and has enough in his locker to reverse form with Total Impact, who dished out a two-length beating in January.
GRUDGE can atone for a narrow reverse at Wolverhampton on Monday when he goes to Southwell tomorrow for the Bet In Running - Betdaq Claiming Stakes (2.
The Grudge" is the follow up to 'Hard Way Home' following three former Vietnam Prisoners of War as they return home, but after decades of peace, an old grudge rears its ugly head.
Jacovich soon finds that it's likely because of an old grudge--but what kind of grudge is held onto for four decades?
When you hold a grudge, and you are angry with someone, you basically end up punishing yourself.
Just when you thought The Grudge was a film in which Sarah Michelle Gellar is exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse in a spooky Tokyo house, we're told it's actually the EDF Energy Cup semi-final between the Ospreys and the Blues.
The sense of frontier justice that surrounds baseball -- an eye for an eye, a beanball for a beanball, a long-held Dodgers' grudge for a never-ending Giants' grudge -- begins a long way below the major leagues, and maybe even in the womb.