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Someone who slavishly and agressively attempts to accumulate, hoard, and protect their money. Tom's always been a bit of a money-grubber—he'd sell his own mother if it meant a bit more profit. These fatcat CEOs are such money-grubbers—they don't give a damn about their customers, so long as their pockets are lined.


and grubbers and grubs (ˈgrəbiz and ˈgrəbɚz and grəbz)
n. worn-out clothing; clothing one wears for the occasional dirty job. There I was, running around in my grubs when the senator stops by to say hello! It’s time to wash these grubbies.
See also: grubby


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Clearing unwanted trees, shrubs and brush to create duck holes and food plots for whitetails is light work for Vail's innovative X Series Grubber.
The home side had the better of the opening stages after Brett Robinson had forced two goal-line drop-outs with testing grubbers, but on no occasion did they look like converting possession into points.
Now those money grubbers who are fleecing people who long to get some of that so-called American dream can eat the debt themselves.
Business people) should come across as helping the community, not as money grubbers," he says.
The article oozes contempt for the shallow, ignorant money grubbers who send the party six-figure checks.
But is it better to have large turnouts of ill-informed money grubbers than a smaller force of prepared, though agenda-driven voters?