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Someone who slavishly and agressively attempts to accumulate, hoard, and protect their money. Tom's always been a bit of a money-grubber—he'd sell his own mother if it meant a bit more profit. These fatcat CEOs are such money-grubbers—they don't give a damn about their customers, so long as their pockets are lined.


1. n. an earnest, hardworking student. (In the way a pig roots or grubs around for food.) If there are too many grade-grubbers in a class, it will really throw off the grading scale.
2. n. a student who flatters the teacher in hopes of a higher grade. A few grade-grubbers help assure old professors that the world is not really changing at all.

money grubber

n. a stingy person. The boss is such a money grubber. He still has his first paper clip.
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By the time his grubber kick was pounced on by impressive debutant Gabe Hamlin to extend Wigan's lead, Tomkins had switched into the halves - allowing Morgan Escare to make his long-awaited return from injury at fullback.
JEvans then picked up a loose ball and sprinted downfield, and while his grubber kick was dealt with by replacement full back Alec Jenkins, his clearance kick was charged down.
Another brilliant grubber by Russell sparked panic in the home cover, allowing Lee Jones to race in for the all important first touch.
As the Crusaders looked to respond, Ryan Smith sent a grubber kick into the corner and forced Coventry to knock the ball dead.
A frantic passage of play, that saw the Welsh region turn the ball over on the Leicester line, ended with Aussie Toomua racing after his own grubber kick to dot down a fourth try at give the hosts a 26-0 lead at the break.
With 10 minutes to go, another Ford grubber kick was claimed by Tom Croft who put fellow replacement Jonah Holmes over to effectively end the contest.
O'Loughlin's return to action after a breather boosted Wigan and he was held up over the line within minutes of re-entering the field - but the visitors duly extended their lead on the hour when winger Adam Swift failed to deal with Williams' grubber kick and centre Joe Burgess got a hand to the ball.
The only score of the first 40 came four minutes from time after Hardcastle put in a neat grubber which outfoxed North Wales' defence allowing Dayne Craig to claim the score, which Hardcastle went on to convert.
Clearing unwanted trees, shrubs and brush to create duck holes and food plots for whitetails is light work for Vail's innovative X Series Grubber.
But Harrogate hit back on the stroke of half-time with a similar move that resulted in centre Luke Edwards running on to a grubber kick and scoring beneath the posts, allowing Callum Irvine his third successful conversion.
He raced on to Briers' grubber kick for his first try since June and got the benefit of the doubt from the video referee for his second after shrugging off Ryan Hall.
Meanwhile, over in the chunky corner, I'm the emotional grubber who eats when she's happy, sad, worried, fed-up, bored or in the mood for a celebration.
Alex Brown collected his own grubber kick to take it to 10-6, before Coleman added the extras.
Irish veteran Brian O'Driscoll was leading the mid-week Lions, scoring a try and setting up the last for Leigh Halfpenny with a perfectly-placed grubber kick after the fulltime siren.
Ben Galea hit back for Hull within eight minutes when he latched on to a grubber kick and scored.