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1. noun Of a student, the act of working intently, and primarily, on getting good grades. I know some of the kids in my class are grade-grubbing and only want to get an A above all else.
2. noun The act of trying to persuade a teacher to change one's grade, as through flattery or questioning. All the grade-grubbing needs to stop—that question is not misleading, and I'm not changing any of your grades.
3. adjective Describing a student who is solely focused on getting good grades. You're bound to get a few grade-grubbing students who just want an A and don't really care about the material.

grub around

1. To search for someone or something. I'm in the art closet, grubbing around for some old paints for the kids to use. The pigs are always grubbing around for scraps.
2. To wear unattractive clothing that is old, shabby, and possibly dirty. It's a Sunday afternoon, so I'm just grubbing around in some old sweats
See also: around, grub

grub around for (something)

To search for someone or something. I'm in the art closet, grubbing around for some old paints for the kids to use. The pigs are always grubbing around for scraps.
See also: around, grub

grub around in (something)

To wear unattractive clothing that is old, shabby, and possibly dirty. It's a Sunday afternoon, so I'm just grubbing around in some old sweats.
See also: around, grub

grub for (something)

1. To search in the ground for something, often food, as by digging or scratching. The pigs are always grubbing for scraps.
2. To try to obtain something through brazen begging and pleading. Every time the CEO comes to our office, employees start grubbing for her time and attention, in the hope of being noticed.
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grub on

slang To eat something. Got anything to grub on? I'm starving. The kids are grubbing on some chips and watching TV right now.
See also: grub, on

grub out (on something)

To eat (a specific thing) gluttonously or to excess. "Grub" is a common slang for food. Once a month, my friends and I get together to grub out on pizza and watch cheesy horror movies together. They had enough food at the party to ensure everyone would be grubbing out all night long.
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Grub Street

1. Literally, the street in London that was home to impoverished writers with little talent in the 17th century. Although this course will certainly focus on the classics, we will also read several works from the authors of Grub Street, to get a better sense of the time period as a whole.
2. A derisive term used to describe impoverished writers with little talent. Don't read trash written by Grub Street hacks—enrich your mind with the classics instead!
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grub up

To search in the ground for something, often food, as by digging or scratching. The pigs are thrilled when they can grub up some scraps.
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slang Unattractive articles of clothing that are old, shabby, or dirty. It's a Sunday afternoon, so I'm just hanging around the house in some grubbies.
See also: grubby


Obsessive and aggressive in one's attempts to accumulate and hoard money. Tom's always been a bit money-grubbing—he'd sell his own mother if it meant a bit more profit. These money-grubbing CEOs don't give a damn about their customers' wellbeing, so long as they're able to keep lining their own pockets.
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grub around

(for someone or something) to search around for someone or something. I went to the attic and grubbed around for my old uniform. The guys went out and grubbed around for another soccer player.
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grub around (in something)

to wear old or "grubby" clothes around. I was grubbing around in my jeans when Alice showed up. I was wearing my jeans and just sort of grubbing around when she came.
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grub for

1. To dig in the ground to get something out of it, especially food: The bears grubbed for beetles in the soft ground.
2. To try to achieve or get something by begging, nagging, or acting in a shameless way: The members of the city council were always grubbing for more power.
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grub up

To procure something by or as if by digging in the ground for it: The bird grubbed up some worms from under the rock.
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bust a grub

tv. to eat a meal. Man, I’m starved. Let’s go bust a grub.
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1. n. working hard at one’s studies in hopes of a high grade. If all you’re here for is grade-grubbing, you’re going to miss a lot.
2. n. flattering a teacher in hopes of a higher grade. Some teachers don’t mind a lot of grade-grubbing.
3. mod. having to do with students who are only concerned with getting high grades. Two grade-grubbing seniors came in and begged me to change their grades.


1. n. food. Hey, this grub’s pretty good.
2. and grub up in. to eat [a meal]. Let’s grub up and get going.
3. tv. to eat something; to eat a meal. Are you going to grub that whole pizza?
4. n. an earnest student. (see also grade-grubber.) The test was so hard, even the grubs did poorly.
5. n. a sloppy person. (From grub worm.) Don is such a grub all the time.
6. Go to grubbies.

grub up

See grub
See also: grub, up

grub on something

in. to eat something. What are you grubbing on? It looks horrible.
See also: grub, on, something


and grubbers and grubs (ˈgrəbiz and ˈgrəbɚz and grəbz)
n. worn-out clothing; clothing one wears for the occasional dirty job. There I was, running around in my grubs when the senator stops by to say hello! It’s time to wash these grubbies.
See also: grubby


See also: grub
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