grow from (something)

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grow from (something)

1. To develop from a particular starting point or thing. Usually said of plants. What do tulips grow from? Bulbs?
2. To change and mature after having had a particular experience. That break-up was really painful, but I did grow from it—now, I only date people who truly care about me.
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grow something from something

to propagate a plant from a seed, bulb, corm, etc. I grew these tomatoes from seeds. Can you grow a mango tree from a seed?
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grow from something

to develop and grow from a seed, bulb, corm, etc. This huge tree grew from a little seed. What kind of plant grows from this bulb?
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Given that it grows from the tidewaters of southern Virginia around the Gulf of Mexico to Texas, the live oak is able to tolerate salt spray better than most oaks.
Whether it's the light, downy hair on a woman's arm, the short, curly hairs on a man's chest, or the longer hairs on either gender's head, each hair grows from a tiny, cell-lined skin indentation called a follicle.
Insulation will expand its share of total market revenues from 13 percent in 1992 to 18 percent in 1999, as power wire and cable grows from 13 to 16 percent in the same period, according to the report "U.S.
According to Franklin, after one generation of hardwoods is cut, another grows from the old stumps, providing a renewable revenue source for communities and industries.