grow from (something)

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grow from (something)

1. To develop from a particular starting point or thing. Usually said of plants. What do tulips grow from? Bulbs?
2. To change and mature after having had a particular experience. That break-up was really painful, but I did grow from it—now, I only date people who truly care about me.
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grow something from something

to propagate a plant from a seed, bulb, corm, etc. I grew these tomatoes from seeds. Can you grow a mango tree from a seed?
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grow from something

to develop and grow from a seed, bulb, corm, etc. This huge tree grew from a little seed. What kind of plant grows from this bulb?
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Growth is said to have always been an important objective for C.A.RS., and since 1981, the company has grown from a one-machine start-up to a multi-million dollar business.
At the Historic Tree Nursery, Elvis Presley Sweetgum trees are grown from seeds collected at Graceland.
But just like any other tissue or organ transplant, the body sometimes rejects tissues grown from stem cells.
* Federal outlays for the Department of Agriculture, which includes the food stamp program as well as farm subsidies, have grown from $68.0 billion in 2001 to an estimated $77.7 billion in 2004.
By providing ailing mice with cells grown from the pancreatic tissue of genetically identical healthy animals, scientists have reversed a mouse version of diabetes, according to a new study.
Imagine sitting in the same spot where Lincoln sat, or touching a tree grown from seed brought hack from the wild, wild West by explorers Lewis and Clark.
TOMORROW: Within 10 to 20 years, will routinely receive transplanted hearts livers, and kidneys--all grown from human tissue in the lab.
Even people born with defective bladders might have a healthy one grown from their own cells, says Atala.
Letterman became a bit perplexed as Meyer explained that only trees grown from that particular Broad Ripple.
Nevertheless, some farmers are beginning the new year looking forward to harvesting crops grown from seeds ideally suited to their fields.
New native groves are sometimes planted from seedlings grown from nuts.
Fresh tumors that eventually degrade, colonies grown from a single cell and "immortalized" cell lines that develop different characteristics from their forebears are the conventional laboratory versions of human cancers.
Grown from seed the trees will reach 20 feet in 10 years.
This oak reportedly grows more slowly in northern sites than in the South, and for the best results it is important to plant trees grown from local seed.