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growl at (someone or something)

To make a low, guttural sound or speak in this manner. We slowly backed away as the dog growled at us. The old man growled at me to get out of his yard.
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growl out

To speak so that one's voice has a low, guttural tone or quality. A noun or pronoun can be used between "growl" and "out." I bolted after the old man growled out a command to get out of his yard.
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let out (some sound)

To utter some loud, forceful sound. I let out a shriek when the dog suddenly jumped on me. The lion let out an intimidating roar.
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growl at someone or something

to snarl at someone or something. Don't growl at me like that. The dog growled at the cat.
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growl something out

to say something with a sound like growling or snarling. Jane growled a few words out. She growled out a few words and the gates opened for us.
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References in classic literature ?
Always the savage beast in the primitive cage growled and roared when they moved him.
Our dog growls at us when we lift him off the sofa, bed or anywhere we don't want him to be.
Anything that elicited a growl from a dog was bad, too, which is why many dog owners have been warned against playing tug with their dogs--because it encourages aggression, as evidenced by the dog's growls.
Gracie immediately growls and lunges, but never actually bites Maddie.
To mark National Stop Snoring Week, Dr Yves Kamami - ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) surgeon at Harley Street's The Private Clinic ( -reveals the best ways to put a stop to those tiresome night-time growls...
Recordings of tiger growls have been shown to scare away marauding elephant herds in India.
12 ( ANI ): Researchers have found that Wild Asian elephants slink away when they hear a tiger roar but trumpet and growl before retreating from leopard growls.
Police were called by neighbouring guests who heard growls and screams from his room.
He growls every time there's anyone or anything nearby.
He has learned that if he growls, it drives most people away.
CUTLINE: Contestants Samantha Varteresian, 14, of Gardner, left, Mariah Slomcheck, 13, of Winchendon, center, and Tori Belko, 13, of Winchendon, do their wildcat growls on Friday.
By squeezing labeled buttons on the barrel, you can produce mature and young buck growls, grunts, and snort-wheezes, plus doe bleats and fawn bawls (Flextone Game Calls, 1-866-995-4263,
Caninus is more of the same, a little slower and dirgier, but with Budgie and Basil (two pit bulls) filling out the "vocal" duties with snarls, barks and growls. They're both novelties, but pretty awesome.
But the '70s teen dreams never celebrated same-sex infatuation, while Franz Ferdinand's dance-rock track "Michael" does just that: "Michael / You're the boy with all the leather hips / Stubble on my sticky lips / You're the only one I'd ever want," growls Alex Kapranos.